These are Expensive Things You Should Never Buy at Airports

If you travel for work or for fun, it’s likely that you will end up at the airport at some time. And if you go there, you might feel tempted to spend money. After all, you will probably have a lot of time to wait, and airports are known for selling things at high prices.

However, if you’re not cautious, you might end up spending more money than you planned, possibly on items that you didn’t actually need. Many items at the airport are often more expensive than usual. Some examples of these overpriced items include food, water, electronics, and internet access. If you want to save money on your next trip, here are the things you should not buy at the airport.

Bottled Water

Buying bottled water at an airport is a common and expensive purchase. One of the main reasons for this is because customers want it. “Anything you would buy for the plane will be very expensive at the airport because the stores know you have no other options and not having the product could make your flight uncomfortable,” said Jack Prenter, CEO of Dollarwise.

A bottle of water at the airport can be two or three times more expensive than it is at a grocery store. This is partly because there are rules about bringing liquids through security.

Electronics and Accessories

Electronics like chargers, headphones, earbuds, and other devices are often more expensive at airports. However, many travelers still purchase them, usually because they forgot to bring their own or because they can’t locate it in their luggage.

Avoid spending money on these things by bringing at least two of each item you might need. Put one item in your checked bag, and the other in your carry-on bag. You will have it available when you need it.

If you’re not on a long flight, try waiting until you arrive at your destination to buy anything you need. You can find chargers or earbuds at a lower price in many stores and gas stations.


A lot of airports, especially the ones that handle international flights, have restaurants and shops where you can buy snacks or even complete meals. Many travelers often buy food at the airport, especially if they have a long layover or if their flight will cause them to miss a meal.

However, food at airports is usually much more expensive compared to the same item at a grocery store. For instance, if you buy a few basic sandwiches at the airport, they can be quite expensive, ranging from $10 to $20.

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Sleeping Aids

Even if you’re traveling in business or first class, it’s likely that you’ll still want something to help you sleep. Some airlines provide pillows or blankets, but they may not be very comfortable.

However, just like with food and electronics, sleeping aids are typically expensive when purchased at the airport. Many times, the quality of these items found in airports is also not very good or just average.

“According to Prenter, the items that are most expensive in airports are those that are related to flying, such as neck pillows, ear plugs, eye masks, and headphones.” “I spent more than $40 on a simple neck pillow at Chicago O’Hare, while I could have bought a similar pillow for $11 on Amazon.”


Some airports provide free internet access, but it may not always be reliable or consistent. If you want to have a better internet connection, you may have to pay for it.

Occasionally, you can also access Wi-Fi on the airplane, but you will have to pay for it. In-flight Wi-Fi typically operates using either a satellite or an Air-to-Ground (A2G) network. The price and extent of coverage can differ depending on the airline. Alaska Airlines charges between $8 and $24.99 for internet access during flights.

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