These Vacation Destinations are Now Unreachable for Middle-Class Families

Travel costs have increased in recent years, just like many other things. Many things related to travel have become more expensive, such as airfare, hotel accommodations, car reservations, and event tickets. This means that people need to either spend more money on their travel or change their travel plans.

Even wealthier households who can afford to go on a trip every year or every other year with their family are starting to avoid some of the vacation spots that used to be popular. Although there are still ways to make these trips affordable, here are the top places that many middle-class individuals find it difficult to afford.

Vacation Destinations for Middle-Class Families


Hawaii is a very popular place to visit, but it is also becoming more expensive. Aida Mollenkamp, who plans trips and is the founder of Salt & Wind Travel, mentioned that a lot of her agency’s customers are finding it difficult to afford the expenses in Hawaii.

“The main problem is that the prices for hotels, meals, and tours have increased compared to before.” “In the past, our clients have typically been travelers who prefer boutique four-star or five-star hotels. However, due to budget constraints, they have often had to choose hotels in a lower class,” explained Mollenkamp. “We recommend setting aside a minimum of $800 per day for accommodations, transportation, activities, and meals for a trip for two people. However, it’s important to note that this budget may not be sufficient for staying in a five-star hotel.”


Travel costs in Italy are similar to those in Hawaii. “Italy is an interesting place because you can have a less expensive trip if you visit less popular destinations like Sicily or the Alps.” “However, many of our clients want to visit a popular tourist destination during their trip, such as Florence or the Amalfi Coast,” said Mollenkamp.

“The destinations now have longer high seasons, which start in early May and extend through October. As a result, hotel rates have increased to match the demand,” said Mollenkamp. “On average, hotels in these areas have doubled in price compared to their rates before COVID.”

Mollenkamp said that there are other areas where the prices have gone up. This includes private drivers, alternative accommodations like Airbnb, and tours.

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The Maldives

The Maldives has always been a popular luxury destination, known for being quite expensive for many travelers. However, it has also become more costly.

“According to Albertynas, the prices for staying in an iconic overwater villa for a week can be quite expensive, often reaching thousands of dollars. The cost is influenced by factors like the level of luxury, resort amenities, and the time of year,” said Albertynas. “Experienced travelers might sometimes find good deals on hotels, but the costs of dining, local activities, flights, and transportation within the destination can greatly increase the total expense of a vacation.”

The cost of flights alone can make the Maldives unaffordable for many people. A single ticket can cost between $1,000 and $3,000. Take the number of people traveling with you and multiply it by the cost mentioned. This will give you an idea of how expensive your vacation will be, and this doesn’t even include any additional expenses once you arrive at your destination.

Paris and London

Many areas in France and the U.K. are still affordable, but popular cities like Paris and London are becoming more expensive for middle-class families.

“The cost of accommodation in the central areas of these cities has increased, making it difficult for budget-conscious travelers to find affordable places to stay,” said Stephanie Webb, a travel expert and Tripshepherd travel guide. “Furthermore, the cost of eating out and the prices for visiting attractions have also increased significantly, making it more difficult for people to afford them.”

For example, let’s consider Paris.

“According to Webb, the price of a hotel room in central areas of Paris can be more than $200 per night, and luxury accommodations can cost several hundred dollars or even more.” “Eating at famous restaurants or going to popular places like the Louvre Museum can be expensive.”

Accommodations, food, and admission fees in London have become more expensive.

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