2024 Study Discovered the Best Places to Live in Connecticut

The top cities and towns to live in Connecticut provide a combination of lively urban areas and delightful small communities. Connecticut has a lot to offer, from New Haven’s vibrant cultural scene to the charming history of Greenwich.

This article lists fifteen of the top places to live in Connecticut. Find out why New Canaan is a popular town for commuters, learn about the family-friendly features of West Hartford, and discover the interesting attractions in towns such as Simsbury, Cheshire, and Ridgefield. If you are looking for a busy city or a quiet suburban area, Connecticut has a variety of places to choose from. These places have good schools, safe neighborhoods, and lots of amenities.

Best Places to Live in Connecticut

New Haven

New Haven is considered the best place to live in Connecticut because it has a great cultural and entertainment scene, as well as many beautiful green spaces. New Haven, Connecticut is often called the cultural capital of the state. It is where you can find Yale University, as well as many parks, art galleries, museums, and famous restaurants. It is also one of the biggest cities in Connecticut in terms of population.


Greenwich is considered one of the best towns to live in Connecticut. It is also one of the oldest towns in the state. It has a busy economy and a long history. It is located just one hour away from New York City, which makes it a popular town for people who work in the city and commute. Greenwich is known for being one of the safest places to live in Connecticut.

Greenwich has the cozy feel of a small town, but still offers all the conveniences of a big city that are easy to get to. The area has many different stores and restaurants to choose from. There are also several public parks and almost 150 acres of beaches along the Long Island Sound.

New Canaan

New Canaan is a great town to live in Connecticut that is close to NYC. Located on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, less than an hour away from Manhattan, it is a city that many people commute to and is consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest areas in the country. The city is well-known for its one-of-a-kind mid-century architecture. It has beautiful homes that were designed by famous architects like Marcel Breuer, Eliot Noyes, and Philip Johnson.

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Simsbury is a well-liked town near Hartford. It is situated in the Farmington River Valley next to the Metacomet Ridge. The town has a great mix of suburban convenience and peaceful rural surroundings. Talcott Mountain State Park is a place that many people who enjoy being outside like to go. It has paths for hiking, waterfalls, places where you can look out over cliffs, and ponds where you can fish and swim. The town has many beautiful historic homes, great restaurants, and public parks. Simsbury is a wonderful town for people who want good schools, job options, and a calm lifestyle.


Weatogue is a little village located in Hartford County. Weatogue is located next to the Farmington River and has beautiful views, excellent schools, and a high quality of life. The town has many great local coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. People who live here can easily travel to downtown Hartford or Springfield. In addition, the area has a low crime rate and housing prices that are affordable, making it appealing to young families.


Southport is also considered one of the best places to live in Connecticut. Southport is a seaside town in Fairfield County, located along the Long Island Sound between Mill River and Sasco Brook. The hamlet is conveniently located just one hour outside of New York City, making it a popular choice for commuters. The village has beautiful streets lined with trees, traditional New England buildings, and a harbor with a yacht club.

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