Warning Signs to Be Responds at Ocean Beach Pier, Public Urged to Stay Away

The City of San Diego has issued a request for individuals to maintain a distance of at least 75 feet from the Ocean Beach Pier. This precautionary measure comes in response to the recent occurrence of significant surf and king tides, which have further deteriorated the already aging pier. The city has expressed concern over the possibility of further structural failure at the pier.

A video has emerged showing the extent of the damage caused by the powerful surf, with the pier’s railing visibly damaged and one of its piles swept away. The city has reported the loss of a pile cap.

The City has announced its intention to increase the number of signs on the pier, aiming to inform the public about potential hazards in the event of further damage to the structure.

Signs warning of dangerous surf and closures that were placed earlier this year were noticeably absent on Sunday afternoon. The pier gates are still locked. A permit application sign has been recently posted on the fence, accompanied by a sign providing additional information about the upcoming demolition and pier rebuild project.

Swimming, wading, surfing, or skin diving within 75 feet of any fishing pier owned and operated by the City is strictly prohibited by law. The city is now urging individuals to maintain a distance of over 75 feet.

The City has initiated an assessment of the latest damage and is currently exploring potential solutions to ensure the long-term stability of the pier. However, the completion date for this project remains uncertain.

The City initially announced plans to close the pier for the duration of the storm season. Following the conclusion of the storm season in the spring, the City will evaluate the extent of the damage. Due to the recent damage, the initial decision to postpone the project until after storm season has been altered.

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Inspecting the pier has become a matter of great urgency. The City of San Diego has announced its commitment to addressing any urgent matters that may arise.

“The pier’s appearance is deemed as terrible,” commented Victor Arreguan. A man resides in close proximity to the OB Pier, and interestingly, he once made the pier his home for a duration of four months. Should individuals be mandated to maintain a minimum distance of 75 feet from the pier’s summit, it appears that he will be compelled to seek alternative accommodations.

“A significant portion of this section of the pier is situated on land, raising questions about the potential for its collapse.” Arreguan pointed out a section of the pier that is usually not submerged. A study conducted in 2018 revealed that the Ocean Beach Pier, which has been standing for 57 years, has reached the end of its service life.

In September 2023, the city presented three potential designs for the pier: The Squint Test, The Remora, and The Braid. Matthew Martinez, a structural engineer and vice president of Moffatt and Nichol, has announced that the firm is currently working on the pier demolition and redesign project in collaboration with the city. According to Martinez, they are scheduled to unveil a new design in the upcoming spring. However, local residents have expressed their concerns.

According to public opinion, the general consensus seems to be that the design appears too modern, with many expressing a desire to maintain the familiar charm of OB.

There are concerns about the unhoused individuals living in close proximity to or underneath the pier. The City plans to install additional warning signs in the near future. They are advising individuals to maintain a distance of at least 75 feet from the pier at this time.

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