These NJ Towns Ranked as the Best in America for Nightlife

Do you prefer staying up late at night? Do you enjoy staying up late at night to experience everything that Jersey has to offer?

I prefer mornings over nights, but if you enjoy staying up late, you’ll be happy to know that 5 towns in New Jersey have been recognized as some of the best places in America for nightlife and late-night entertainment.

According to Mixbook, these towns were selected because they offer exciting entertainment and adventure options during the late-night hours.

NJ Towns Ranked As The Best Places In America For Nightlife

Mixbook’s list includes a total of 150 different towns and cities, and New Jersey is home to five of them.

Red Bank (72)

Red Bank has many small bars and restaurants that you can visit. Additionally, Red Bank has a lively music scene. There are two places where you can watch performances: the Count Basie and Jamians. They have different types of shows, but there is always something happening at either of them.

Morristown (52)

Downtown Morristown is a place that is well-known for its bars. In fact, Morristown is home to one of New Jersey’s few hidden speakeasies.

The Laundromat Speakeasy is open from 5 PM to 2 AM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It’s a great place for night owls in Morristown.

Hoboken (50)

Hoboken is ranked at number 50, and just like Morristown, there is always something happening in Hoboken.

If you want to see a live band, you can go to Willie McBrides. Alternatively, you can also take a night tour of the city.

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Jersey City (48)

Jersey City is included on this list because it is very close to New York City.

Yes, there are many things to do in Jersey City. It’s easy to go to New York City to watch a Broadway show, have late-night meals, or attend a game at Madison Square Garden. That’s why Jersey City is ranked in the top 50.

Asbury Park (19)

Asbury Park was chosen as the best city in New Jersey for people who like to stay out late at night, and it’s easy to understand why.

Asbury has a lively downtown area with many bars and restaurants. You can also take a late-night ghost tour of the town and enjoy Asbury’s music scene.

You have a few options for entertainment. You can watch a show at the famous Stone Pony, or visit Asbury Lanes. Additionally, the House of Independents has recently reopened for the summer.

Yes, you can go for a walk on the boardwalk at night and also play some games at Silverball Arcade.

Is your favorite town in New Jersey on the list? To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that Seaside Heights didn’t make the list. It’s a shore town that’s famous for its lively late-night parties.

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