Louisville Police Will Investigate the Cops Who Arrested Golfer Scottie Scheffler

The Louisville Metro Police Department will look into the actions of the officers who arrested golfer Scottie Scheffler to see if they followed the rules, according to Louisville mayor Craig Greenberg, who spoke to reporters on Tuesday.

“I believe it is extremely important that we do this, not only during high-profile events like the one that occurred on Friday, but also on a regular basis,” Greenberg stated during a press conference. “If policies are not being followed, we will make sure to be transparent about it.” “Something will be done.”

Greenberg mentioned that the video of the arrest, which happened before the second round of the PGA Championship on Friday, will be made available soon.

According to the police, there is no video from body cameras of the incident. However, Greenberg claims to have seen a video from a camera on a pole across the street from Valhalla Golf Club, where the PGA Championship took place last week, as reported by WDRB in Louisville.

Greenberg chose not to provide any details about the footage.

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The arrest citation from the police stated that Scheffler did not follow the officers’ instructions to stop his vehicle while they were directing traffic after a deadly accident near the race track. The citation says that Scheffler moved quickly, pulling an officer down to the ground.

Scheffler, who only spent less than 2 hours in jail, was released in time to make his tee time on Friday morning. He finished in a tie for eighth place in the tournament.

The golfer who won the Masters twice said that his arrest was a “big misunderstanding.”

Scheffler is being charged with a serious crime called assault of a police officer. They are also facing less serious charges of criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding traffic signals given by an officer directing traffic.

The arraignment for him was originally planned for Tuesday, but it has been moved to June 3. Scheffler will be participating in the 2024 Charles Schwab Challenge from Thursday to Sunday in Fort Worth, Texas.

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