We Discovered the Most Dangerous Countries in Latin America

Latin America is a very interesting part of the world. The region has tropical weather and dense rainforests, which make it a habitat for many amazing wildlife species. Many people who love history are drawn to the region because of its beautiful beaches and ancient ruins. The area is also known for having some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

Latin America is a region that has a lot to offer, but it is also known for its poverty. When there are high levels of unemployment and poverty, people often turn to crime as a way to support themselves. Latin America is a region where conditions are good for growing plants that can be made into drugs. This contributes to the problem of crime in the region.

There are a lot of crimes happening, including murder. Here is a list of the most dangerous countries in Latin America.


  • Population: 28.44 million
  • Murders per 100,000 residents: 46

Venezuela has many beautiful places that can be considered paradise on Earth. Visitors will be able to see some truly amazing sights, including a beautiful tropical coastline and stunning interior. Green national parks are full of animals, while some tourist spots in Venezuela are modern and have everything you need.

But for years, not many tourists have been visiting the country. The drop in [something] is because there is a lot of social and political instability in the country. This has caused desperation and crime rates to increase a lot. Since 2013, the country has been experiencing a lack of necessary items and in 2016, it entered a severe economic downturn.


  • Population: 9.91 million
  • Murders per 100,000 residents: 38

Honduras is a country that has many things to offer to visitors from around the world. Full of interesting stories from the past and breathtaking natural scenery, visitors can experience what life was like in ancient times and have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most amazing animals up close. The country is a great place for divers because it has the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

Regrettably, Honduras has a significant problem with gangs, which leads to high levels of crime and violence. The country has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the world, with a homicide rate of 37.6 per 100,000 citizens. Certain areas of the country are safer than others. In 2017, around 2 million tourists visited the country. However, a lot of these tourists arrived on cruise ships and stayed in areas that were considered to be relatively safe.

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  • Population: 397,261
  • Murders per 100,000 residents: 24

Belize is a great place for tourists from all over the world because it has a fantastic climate, interesting wildlife, and a lot of history. The government is focusing on developing tourism to attract more visitors to the country.

However, the country’s high crime rates are likely to discourage many potential visitors. Most of the crime is caused by gangs who make money from selling drugs and engaging in trafficking. At times, gang conflicts can affect the streets of Belize City, posing a danger to anyone nearby. Even tourists have been victims of crimes, including violent ones like rape. The country has a murder rate of 24.3 per 100,000 people.


  • Population: 50.88 million
  • Murders per 100,000 residents: 24

Many people don’t think of Columbia as a popular place for tourists, even though it has beautiful beaches and a diverse range of plant and animal life. The tourism industry here is not very big, but backpackers and other adventurers come to the country to see the beautiful natural scenery.

Colombia has a low number of tourists because it is known for having a high crime rate. Many people associate Colombia with crime, especially the drug trade and the violent crime that is connected to it.


  • Population: 212.6 million
  • Murders per 100,000 residents: 19

Brazil is a country known for its famous carnival and vibrant culture, which attracts many visitors. There are famous beaches that many people like to visit, and the lush amazon rainforest is also a popular destination for visitors.

However, even though visitors stay in fancy hotels in modern towns and cities, many of the people who live in the county are very poor. In Brazil, there are favelas, which are shanty towns where many of the poorer citizens live. Many people have come from different parts of the country and ended up moving to cities in search of employment.

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