NJ Has the Most Legendary Jewish Deli

Oh no! Compiling a list of the best Jewish Delis in New Jersey is a challenging task. When you visit a Jewish deli, be ready to eat. The portions are very large. You will find things like corned beef and pastrami. and tongue.

Additionally, they serve knishes (fried potato) and delicious matzo ball soup. It may not be the healthiest option, but it is definitely tasty.

There are many excellent delis to choose from. They were driving me crazy, but I was asked to list only 5.

Okay, let’s get started. Here are five Jewish delis that you should try at least once, regardless of whether you are Jewish or not. The order doesn’t matter.

Harold’s New York Deli 1173 King Georges Post Rd Edison

Harold’s, a legendary establishment, has been in existence for a very long time. They are famous for their hearty sandwiches, which are considered the benchmark for all others.

Here’s a suggestion for people who have never been to Harold’s. When you order your sandwich, plan to share it with someone. Sandwiches are priced between $24.95 and $95, which is quite expensive.

However, the $95 sandwich can feed between 5 to 8 people. Additionally, you will enjoy their pickle bar.

The Kibitz Room 100 Springdale Rd Cherry Hill

The Kibitz Room in Cherry Hill is considered by many to be the best place in South Jersey. At most Jewish delis, you can expect to find all the classic dishes and very generous portion sizes.

The sandwiches are really good, but you should definitely try one of their cheese blintzes. They also have delicious homemade pickles as a great feature.

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The Kosher Nosh 894 Prospect St Glen Rock

The Kosher Nosh, located in Bergen County, has been serving delicious sandwiches for more than 48 years.

The corned beef and pastrami combo sandwich with a spread of Russian dressing is the popular choice at this famous Jewish Delicatessen in North Jersey.

Hobby’s Deli 32 Branford Pl Newark

Hobby’s was recognized as one of the top ten delicatessens in America by Food and Wine Magazine.

If you ask anyone who has eaten here what they enjoyed the most, they will likely tell you how delicious the pastrami is. The food is fresh, delicious, and very large in size.

Eppes Essen 105 East Mount Pleasant Ave Livingston

Similar to the other delis we have mentioned, Eppes Essen also offers large sandwiches. However, like the other delis, these large sandwiches come with a high price.

These sandwiches are large enough for more than one person to eat. However, if you don’t want to eat everything at once, you can simply get a box and take half of it home to enjoy later. You should try this deli for yourself because it is really great.

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