These are 5 Most Silliest Laws in Ohio that You Must Need to Know

Most people in Ohio know when they can set off fireworks and if it’s against the law to steal from your friend. There you go, a spoiler: it is.

And Ohio does have some less well-known laws, like one that says you can’t own wild animals and another that says prostitutes can’t sell alcohol. These five rules can be used as fun facts the next time you get together with family and friends.

The Most Silliest Laws of Ohio

Beer at 19

If the federal government ever changes its mind about the 21-year-old drinking age, Ohio is ready. The law says that people aged 19 and up can legally buy and drink beer. It will take effect if Congress gets rid of the government requirement. It would still be necessary to be 21 or older to drink “intoxicating liquor.”

Anti-anaconda Act

In 2012, Ohio changed its rules about wild animals after a man in Zanesville freed 56 Bengal tigers, lions, bears, and other animals from cages before he killed himself. The event, which put 50 animals at risk of dying, got national news and made people look again at the rules that let someone keep a farm of exotic animals.

People can’t own, trade, or sell exotic animals unless they had animals in their care in 2012 and got a pass, according to the law signed by Gov. John Kasich. Not only does it cover big cats, but also elephants, dogs, and many types of snakes.

In Ohio, people can’t own pythons, anacondas, boomslangs, or any constrictors that are 12 feet or longer and are poisonous. People who owned snakes that were illegal before the law was made can still own or sell them with a permit.

Regulating Carbs

In Ohio law, there are a lot of rules about bread, which is the best food to make during the pandemic per se.

If a loaf of bread weighs less than 12 ounces, it can’t be sold. After that, it has to be sold in two-ounce amounts. The loaves also need to have their weight and business information written on them. None of this is true for rolls or “fancy bread,” as the farm director put it.

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Looking for Carrier Pigeons

People who don’t like talking and calling should pay attention. It is against the law to shoot, kill, or hurt an Antwerp or homing pigeon unless you own the bird. You also can’t catch or hold them if they have a stamp or band that says who owns them.

Don’t Take Fish

According to Ohio law, fish that are properly caught in a net or other device belong to the person who caught them. That means that other people can’t take the fish without writing permission. It is a crime to steal more than one fish.

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