These are the Most Silliest Laws in Illinios That You Must Need to Know

Illinios has a lot of strange rules. Although you might not know about these laws at first, you might be shocked to learn how they can affect your life and your right to get paid after getting hurt.

Your Chicago personal injury lawyer is in charge of carefully looking into how you got hurt so that we can build a case against the person who is responsible. While we’re looking into this, we might find a bunch of strange Illinois rules that could affect your chances of getting financial help. These are some of the stranger rules we’ve seen over the years.

Strange Rules for People

It’s against the law for girls in Mount Pulaski to throw snowballs, but boys can. Men with mustaches are not allowed to kiss women in Eureka. Men used to not be able to walk around without a shirt either, until lately.

Weird Alcohol Laws

Illinois also has a lot of rules about drinking alcohol. In Bloomington, for example, you can’t order a bottle of water at a bar and try to take it with you. People who live in Pullman are not allowed to sit on the curb and drink alcohol out of a bucket.

It’s not clear where these strange Illinois alcohol rules came from. But if you get hurt and these laws relate to your case in some way, it might be harder to win.

Interesting Dog Laws

It also has a lot of strange and interesting dog rules. For instance, many towns don’t let people make faces at dogs. This one might have some truth to it, since making fun of a dog could be seen as an act of provocation if the dog then bites or attacks you.

510 ILCS 5/1 says that people who bite another person are strictly responsible. This means that if you make faces at a dog that strikes you, you might be able to sue the dog’s owner in civil court. Other interesting Illinois dog rules are:

  • Not letting your dog drink booze or smoke cigars as punishment
  • People who own dogs are not allowed to let them smell bad.

These are just a few of the strange rules in the state about dogs and other animals. Many more are likely out there that we haven’t heard about yet. Most of the time, people only learn about these rules when certain conditions are met or when someone is seriously hurt or killed.

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No Shows in Chicago Windows

Shop in store windows and then move on. The city doesn’t allow acts or art shows in store windows that draw people into the public right of way.

Eavesdroppers Beware

Eavesdropping is against the law in Illinois. It means listening in on or recording private talks without everyone’s permission. You should be okay to spill that tea you heard on the train.

Don’t Mess with White Squirrels

Since 1902, when they were first seen in downstate Olney, Illinois, it has been against the law to kill or trap albino gray squirrels. The town still lets mice cross streets first.

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