Texas Maintenance Workers’ Shocking Discovery: A Taped-Up, Nonverbal Toddler Near Death Behind a Dishwasher

According to court filings, the 2-year-old daughter had brain bleeds, anemia, and kidney failure. Her ankles were also shackled together.

Investigators in Texas news said that when maintenance personnel went to an apartment to replace a dishwasher, they found a mute, emaciated infant with taped ankles.

According to ABC 13, the 2-year-old girl had kidney failure, anemia, and brain bleeds. According to court records that the outlet referenced, if she had been left in those circumstances, she might have passed away within 24 hours.

Following their arrest, Mya Jhari Breaux-McGruder, Toniesha Deshae Perkins, and Kenry Joseph Flukers are accused of wrongful restraint and causing harm to a child by omission.

On November 28, maintenance personnel went to a Houston residence to fix a dishwasher. The girl was found in the living room with her ankles taped together, according to the staff, who then called the police.

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According to court documents, Perkins—the child’s cousin—accused the other five children in the house, who were said to be in good health, of taping the girl’s ankles together.

However, according to the local outlet, police said that Perkins’ boyfriend, Flukers, acknowledged that she had taped the child to keep her out of the pantry, refrigerator, and garbage. The aggregate bonds held by Flukers, Perkins, and Breaux-McGruder are valued at close to $500,000.

Finding the Unsettling Scene:

Texas Maintenance Workers' Shocking Discovery A Taped-Up, Nonverbal Toddler Near Death Behind a Dishwasher (1)

When the maintenance staff went inside the house to deal with the reported appliance problem, they discovered an unanticipated and upsetting sight. A tiny child, bandaged up and looking desperate, was hidden behind a dishwasher. The child, who authorities described as nonverbal, urgently needed assistance.

Quick Reaction and Rescue Operations:

The maintenance staff quickly notified the authorities after realizing how urgent the situation was. When law police finally arrived at the scene of the distress call, they evaluated the toddler’s condition.

According to police records, the infant needed emergency medical assistance because they found them in a dangerous condition.

Medical Evaluation and Toddler’s Status:

Medical experts examined the toddler more closely and discovered that in addition to being nonverbal, the child had also suffered from extreme neglect and abuse.

The child’s condition had gotten so bad that the authorities were worried the child might not make it out alive.

Although the toddler’s injuries and general state of health are unknown, it is clear that the situation was dire.

Examination and Judicial Proceedings:

An extensive inquiry into the circumstances behind the unsettling discovery was launched by law authorities. Authorities are investigating the causes of the child’s negligence as well as the identity of individuals in charge of their welfare.

To guarantee the toddler’s future well-being and appropriate care, child protection services are also involved.

Support and Outpouring of the Community:

The local community is outraged and concerned about the tragic episode, which has led to an outpouring of sympathy for the rescued toddler.

Many are expressing shock at the extent of the child’s neglect and demanding that justice be done as soon as possible.

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Advocates for child welfare and community organizations have also come together to offer support and resources for the child’s rehabilitation.

In the end, A simple maintenance visit for a broken dishwasher developed into a heartbreaking rescue operation for maintenance personnel in Texas. Law enforcement launched a rapid and exhaustive inquiry after the community was shocked to learn of the existence of a taped-up, nonverbal toddler who was on the edge of death.

The priority continues to be protecting the child’s welfare and holding individuals accountable for such negligence while the judicial process progresses.

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