“Stepmom’s Shocking Role: Accused of Aiding in Moving Bodies of Slain Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend”

Mugshots of Christopher Preciado and Ramon Preciado, Savanah Nicole Soto, and Matthew Guerra (SAPD) Concerning the Texas deaths of teenage girl Savanah Soto and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra, a third individual has been taken into custody.

Authorities previously revealed that Christopher Preciado, 19, was accused of capital murder, and his father, 53-year-old Ramon Preciado, was charged with misuse of a corpse in connection with the couple’s deaths. Myrta Romanos, 47, the partner of Ramon Preciado, is currently being charged with altering, destroying, or concealing a human corpse, as well as abusing a corpse.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, Christopher Preciado killed Soto and Guerra with Romanos’ gun. According to the probable cause affidavit posted on San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT’s website, footage showed Romanos accompanying the Preciados as they drove Soto and Guerra’s automobile to another area and discarded it. Authorities said Soto and Guerra were deceased inside the vehicle.

On December 23, Soto’s family filed a missing person’s report when she failed to show up for her scheduled pregnancy induction appointment and they were unable to contact her. Guerra’s family also could not reach him.

Stepmom's Shocking Role Accused of Aiding in Moving Bodies of Slain Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend (1)

A homeowner called the family on December 26 to report that they had seen the car behind a building in the 5900 block of Danny Kaye Drive, following the release of a description of the vehicle to the media. Soto and Guerra had been shot in the head and were both dead inside. According to the affidavit, Guerra was in the rear seat and Soto was in the front. It looked like Guerra had been shot first and then dragged into the car.

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Shortly before midnight on December 21, the victim’s car and a Chevrolet Silverado with its lights out pulled up on the street, according to surveillance footage from the incident. After exiting the Silverado, the man—later identified by the police as Ramon Preciado—walked over to the victim’s car and struck up a conversation with the driver, who was thought to be his son. Ramon Preciado was allegedly given a towel by Romanos to clean the victim’s car’s driver’s side door.

According to the complaint, Christopher Preciado then drove the victim’s car behind the building and departed in the Silverado with his father and Romanos.

Detectives subsequently discovered that Guerra was a prospective robbery target since he sold narcotics, displayed images of himself with drugs and cash on social media, and had apparently been fired at in the past. The affidavit stated that a search of one of the victim’s smartphones revealed it was Soto’s or Guerra’s; it did not specify which phone was searched for Charlie Chan Drive. That’s not too far from where it was found, and the victim’s car also pings there.

Stepmom's Shocking Role Accused of Aiding in Moving Bodies of Slain Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend (2)

Reports state that Ramon Preciado came out to claim he knew why they were there and that they should speak with his son when investigators discovered the Silverado at a house on Charlie Chan Drive. The Preciados were taken by police to the San Antonio Police Department headquarters so they could be interviewed. Ramon Preciado allegedly admitted to assisting his son get rid of the bodies.

Detectives are purportedly told by Christopher Preciado that Soto and Guerra visited his house to sell him marijuana. He purportedly stated that after Guerra leveled a gun at him, he “manipulated the weapon resulting in” Soto’s shooting. He claimed that after Guerra aimed the gun at him, he once more “manipulated” the gun to shoot the victim. According to police, Christopher Preciado’s statements are not supported by the facts.

Romanos said she was sleeping the night of the murders but footage showed her entering and subsequently exiting the Silverado in her driveway with Ramon Preciado. Romanos was taken into custody by the authorities on Monday and was taken to the Bexar County Jail.

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