Mother Speaks Out After Daughter Shot Dead on East Bay Freeway

A grieving mother has decided to break her silence and share her story with the public. Her young daughter tragically lost her life in a shooting incident on an East Bay freeway last year.

Sophia, who chose not to disclose her last name for safety reasons, expressed her determination to fight for justice. “She was just five years old, and now she’s no longer with us,” she said emotionally.

A tragic incident occurred last April when the daughter of Eliyanah Crisostomo was shot and killed by suspected gang members, according to the California Highway Patrol. The family was on their way to a birthday party at the time.

Authorities have determined that the incident on Interstate 880 in Fremont was a result of mistaken identity. According to investigators, the suspects mistakenly believed the victims were members of a rival gang, leading them to open fire on the vehicle.

A young girl eagerly attended a birthday celebration, looking forward to indulging in a delicious slice of cake. “I was really concerned about my cake the entire time during the drive,” Sophia reported on Saturday.

Three suspects have been charged with murder by Alameda County prosecutors. As of now, no gang or gun enhancements have been included. A six-year-old boy had to witness the horrifying sight of his sister being shot right beside him, narrowly missing him by inches. “We demand justice,” Sophia declared.

They expressed feeling re-victimized by Alameda County district attorney Pamela Price, according to their statement. Sophia has requested that Price incorporate the enhancements.

“The disparity in the treatment of individuals convicted of killing police officers versus those convicted of killing children is a point of confusion for me. “Every life matters,” Sophia stated.

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A group of families, including Sophia, gathered in front of Oakland city hall on Saturday morning to voice their grievances against Price, who has been accused of murder. The D.A. has been accused of neglecting the concerns of victims’ families and prioritizing the protection of criminals.

Pamela Price, a public defender, is facing calls for her recall from critics who argue that she is not fit for the role of district attorney. Patricia Harris, the mother of Jarin Purvis, a victim of homicide, stated.

Price was present at two events on Saturday, one of which was a unity event held in Oakland’s Chinatown. She and community members emphasized the need for unity and healing following the tragic killing of Oakland police officer Tuan Le.

“There’s a great fear in the land. “I am a woman who holds strong beliefs and remains hopeful even in the face of hopelessness and fear,” Price addressed the audience at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

KPIX attempted to inquire about the families’ allegations, but she refused to answer any queries from the press.

Price emerged victorious in the election, with supporters highlighting his commitment to revamping the criminal justice system. The District Attorney has previously expressed the view that lengthier prison terms do not contribute to community safety. Sophia remains determined to continue her fight.

“I demand justice for Eliyanah,” Sophia stated firmly. Sophia announced that the individuals involved in the case of Eliyanah Crisostomo are scheduled to make their court appearance on February 20th for the preliminary hearing. Sophia was informed by prosecutors that they are unable to include the gun and gang enhancements in her case without obtaining permission from D.A. Price.

(Source: cbsnews)

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