Community Rally Protests DA and Oakland Mayor Following West Oakland Store Clerk’s Killing

Community leaders in the local area expressed their strong disapproval of elected officials on Friday. They came together outside a West Oakland market, where a clerk who had been working there for a long time was tragically shot and killed over the weekend.

Ali Albasiery, the head of the Bay Area Small Merchant Chamber of Commerce, expressed concern over the safety of workers. “Nobody should have to live in fear of being killed while at work,” Albasiery stated outside Orlando’s Market at 30th and Linden streets.

A tragic incident occurred on Saturday evening, resulting in the untimely death of Maged Alazzani, 46, who was shot inside a store at approximately 8 p.m. According to his son, the shooting occurred during a robbery, as reported by KTVU. Alazzani, hailing from Yemen, was a devoted father to four sons.

In a recent statement, Albasiery expressed deep sadness over the tragic incident, emphasizing the victim’s strong ties to the community. Albasiery highlighted the impact of this unfortunate event not only on the Yemen American community but also on the broader communities of Oakland.

Critics have strongly criticized Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao and Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, accusing them of failing to effectively address the issue of crime. Both individuals are currently facing recall campaigns.

Carl Chan of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber Foundation emphasized the need for consequences for the criminals. “The individuals in question, a significant number of whom have a history of committing crimes, are causing harm to the general population.”

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According to retired Alameda County Judge Brenda Harbin-Forte, she has chosen not to publicly express her opinion on the District Attorney, whom she previously administered the oath of office. However, she expressed her desire for the mayor to step down. Harbin-Forte has expressed her dissatisfaction with Thao following the mayor’s decision to dismiss Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong.

According to Harbin-Forte, Thao should be removed. “There have been numerous fatalities, a significant amount of responsibility for loss of life, a multitude of unsuccessful ventures, and there is a strong sentiment to remove her from her position.”

According to Derreck Johnson, the founder of Home of Chicken and Waffles restaurant in Jack London Square, there is a concerning decline in our businesses. According to sources, the decline in business in Oakland is not attributed to any shortcomings in the product or service offered. Rather, it is believed that the main reason for this decline is the lack of interest from people in visiting Oakland.

Johnson reported that a customer had a distressing experience on his birthday when his car was stolen. A person had to wait for over an hour and a half for the police to arrive, but they never showed up. As a result, their sister had to come from San Jose to pick them up.

Jennifer Tran, the head of the Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce expressed strong discontent, stating, “We are filled with anger!” There is a desperate plea for individuals to show concern for our communities!

During his address to elected officials, Tran issued a stern warning, stating, “As long as we continue to live in fear, it is only fitting that you too should fear for your seats.” A group of individuals passionately chanted, “Tell me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like.”

Councilmember Noel Gallo addressed the rally, emphasizing the need for his council colleagues to declare a state of emergency. He believes that this action will allow additional resources to be allocated to the city. Gallo expressed his support for enlisting the assistance of U.S. marshals, FBI agents, and sheriff’s deputies to address the crime situation in Oakland. Loren Taylor, a former Oakland councilmember, was in attendance, although he remained in the background.

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