Las Vegas Couple Apprehended Following Alleged ‘Targeted Attack’ on California Homeless Encampment

The shooting in Nevada on December 1st claimed the lives of two homeless individuals and injured three more. About what authorities described as a deliberate and premeditated attack on a homeless camp in Las Vegas that resulted in two fatalities and three injuries, two suspects were taken into custody on Thursday.

Following the incident on December 1, 2023, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported that its officers had identified Cristobal Perez, 31, and Kylee Au Young, 21, as the culprits they were looking for.

At around 5:34 p.m. that day, five men were shot at the campsite at the intersection of Sandhill Road and Charleston Boulevard. After being taken to the hospital, one victim was declared dead, and the other eventually passed away from his wounds.

Authorities said they think the shooting in the city’s east was a “targeted, planned attack” on particular people because of a disagreement between one of Perez’s relatives and a camp resident.

Las Vegas Couple Apprehended Following Alleged 'Targeted Attack' on California Homeless Encampment (1)
“We are aware that Cristobal and his partner Kylee devised a scheme to carry out this homicide,” Lieutenant Jason Johannsen said to reporters on Thursday evening. “Cristobal was left off at an area just north of the murder scene, where he waited to be picked up by a black SUV.

“Once that vehicle parked on Sandhill, Cristobal walked towards where our victims were and immediately indiscriminately shot in cold blood at them as they were in their encampment.”

Then, according to Johannsen, Au Young was waiting close by in a different car to escape. He said that efforts were on to identify a second suspect by the officers.

Au Young is charged with two charges of open murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder, while Perez is accused of two counts of open murder and three counts of attempted murder.

The LVMPD is currently seeking assistance from anyone with information regarding the attack as the investigation is still underway.

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