Iowa Mourns After School Shooting Takes Life of Sixth Grader, Injures Five Others

A school shooting occurred in a small Iowa town on Thursday morning, leaving one youngster dead and at least five others injured.

The first school day following winter break began at 7:37 a.m. when police responded to reports of a shooting at Perry High School. Police discovered “multiple” gunshot victims when they got to the site in less than seven minutes.

Mitch Mortvedt, Assistant Director of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, announced in a press conference this afternoon that the accused gunman, Dylan Butler, 17, was a student at the school. Butler suffered a gunshot wound to himself when he was discovered.

Following their transfer to hospitals, four of the victims who survived were listed as stable, one as critically ill but not life-threatening. According to officials, four of the casualties who are still alive are pupils, and one is a teacher.

Iowa Mourns After School Shooting Takes Life of Sixth Grader, Injures Five Others (1)

Before the start of the school day, Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante had informed reporters about the shooting.

“Luckily, there were very few students and faculty in the building, which I think contributed to a good outcome in that sense,” Infante added.

Without providing further details, Mortvedt said at the 4 p.m. ET press conference that authorities also discovered a “rudimentary” improvised explosive device inside the school, which was made safe.

During the time of the shooting, Butler posted on social media and carried a pump action shotgun and a small caliber handgun, according to Mortvedt.

ATF, the Perry Police Department, the FBI, the sheriff’s office, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives all responded to the shooting.

Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa stated during the afternoon press conference, “Our prayers are with the entire Perry community,” and added that the shooting had “shook our entire state to the core.” The entire state of Iowa supports you.

According to her, detectives will “work tirelessly to get the answers” as to why the incident occurred. About 8,000 people live in the town of Perry. All 1,785 students in the Perry Community School District attend this high school.

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