This Town Has Been Named as the Murder Capital of New Mexico

A report that looked at trends for rape, robbery, and aggravated assault put Albuquerque 17th out of 70 of the country’s largest cities. One of the most interesting things about the report is that the number of murders has been going up. A study from the Major Cities Chiefs Association that Target 7 got shows that the number of murders in Albuquerque has been going up.

This is something that Mayor Keller has talked about since September 2022. “There are two things that are going against us. One is that crime is getting worse across the country, so we have to do what we can in our city. But Keller said, “When there’s a flood of crime across America, it will affect us.”

A study from the Major Cities Chiefs Association said that Albuquerque had one of the highest murder rates in the country. The study says that 106 people were killed in 2021. There were 115 in 2022, which is 8% more than in 2021. When Albuquerque police talked to KOAT about cleared ra at the end of the year, they brought this up.

“They really pumped it up. Gilbert Gallegos, APD PIO, said, “It’s getting harder to solve these cases.” The report says that Albuquerque is one of 27 cities across the country that saw a rise. APD says that 97 people were charged or arrested in 2022 for murder.

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“In the end, it helped us give a lot of families a sense of justice.” A sense of ending things, said Albuquerque police chief Harold Medina. Suihui Fang was an Asian woman who was killed in early 2022. Her boyfriend is still troubled by her death at the wonderful massage business.

Her boyfriend, Ron Honstein, said, “We never thought it would come to a point where, you know, she would lose her life.” A report from the Major Cities Chiefs Association says that the number of murders across the country fell by 5% in 2022. In nearby towns like Phoenix, the number of murders went up by 13%.

To the north, the Denver Police Department said that the number of murders had dropped by 8%. The number of murders dropped by 28% in El Paso, which is only four hours south. Dropped one of the most in the study.

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