Colorado Mother Arrested in UK, Accused of Murdering Her Two Children: Police Statement

Officials in the United Kingdom have detained a Colorado mother who was wanted on suspicion of killing two of her small children and injuring a third on Saturday.

According to Colorado Springs authorities, Kimberlee Singler, 35, was wanted on an arrest warrant that charged her with child abuse, attempted murder, and murder.

At roughly 12:30 a.m. on December 19, members of the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to allegations of an apartment break-in. The 7-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter of Singler were found dead when they arrived.

A nearby hospital received the injured Singler and her daughter, age 11 after they were discovered there.

Colorado Mother Arrested in UK, Accused of Murdering Her Two Children Police Statement (1)

“It was found the initial report of a burglary was unfounded as the investigation into this case unfolded,” police stated in a statement.

Singler first complied with police, but during the inquiry, the department representative told the Associated Press.

Despite getting an arrest warrant on Tuesday on charges of attempted and actual murder, police were unable to find and detain Singler.

Singler was last seen in Colorado Springs on December 23, although the spokesperson indicated that he was not being watched.

Singler’s arrest in the UK was not made public by the police, although they did say they are collaborating with several law enforcement organizations.

In the beginning, Singler was handled as a victim of burglary. According to the spokesperson, her daughter, 11, spent several days in the hospital before being discharged. She is currently recuperating in Colorado Springs.

Singler and her former spouse were embroiled in a protracted court dispute concerning parenting and other matters when the children passed away.

The report was aided by the Associated Press.

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