New Jersey’s Wealthiest Town Has Been Revealed

While there are several wealthy towns and suburbs in New Jersey, one stands out as being the richest: Short Hills, which is located in the Essex County town of Millburn.

Short Hills: A Wealthy Enclave

With a typical family income of $250,000, Short Hills is the richest town in both New Jersey and the United States. It is also one of the most affluent communities in the country. This puts its income in the top 1% of all American cities, while many believe its real wealth is more than its $250,000 asking price.

Billionaire Peter Kellogg is one of the renowned residents of Short Hills, which further solidifies the town’s reputation as a prosperous sanctuary. 88% of the community’s citizens have a bachelor’s degree or above, demonstrating their high level of education.

The luxurious homes in Short Hills are well-known for their high median sales prices of $2,081,069. About ninety-one percent of its residents are homeowners. The town’s lovely and serene ambiance is derived from its meandering lanes and well-kept lawns.

A Sought-After Residential Location in Short Hills

In addition to being wealthy, Short Hills is praised for having a very high standard of living. Because to its low crime rate and general desirability, it has been named the sixth best place to live in the United States by CNN/Money and is frequently ranked among the finest places to live in New Jersey.

Thanks to its direct train connection to New York City, which takes 38 minutes for inhabitants to reach the city’s center, Short Hills is a great commuting town as well. Because of its closeness to the city, it’s a great option for people who want the advantages of suburban living but work in Manhattan.

The town excels in education as well, housing both excellent public and private schools. Serving Short Hills, the Millburn Township Public Schools are among the best in the state and the country for academic quality and extensive extracurricular programs. Apart from the first-rate public schools, Short Hills is home to esteemed private establishments such as Pingry School, St. Rose of Lima Academy, and Far Brook School.

In summary

Being the wealthiest town in New Jersey and among the richest in the country, Short Hills takes pride in this distinction. This amazing community offers its members a great quality of life, an enthralling setting, and a prime location. In all actuality, Short Hills perfectly captures the spirit of opulence and success in New Jersey.

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