Agendas for South Beloit, Rockton, and Roscoe from January 15th to the 17th

The Village of Rockton has announced its intention to sell a property located at 53 W. Rockton Road. This property is situated across the street from the former Goldie Floberg Center, which generously donated the adjacent property at 58 West Rockton Road to the Village of Rockton in June 2023. The approval of a special events application for Yeti Fest (February 7-10) and a new floating dock from Rock River Enterprises & Barge, to be installed at the boat ramp, is anticipated. The estimated cost is $24,623.

The City of South Beloit has announced that Fehr Graham has been selected to provide environmental consultant services for the brownfields cleanup project located at 126 Shirland Avenue. Beloit’s minor league baseball team has expressed interest in utilizing the property located south of their stadium for parking purposes.

The land was previously owned by Freeman Shoe and Lipman Refrigeration. According to the EPA, a “brownfield site” is a property that may be affected by the presence or potential presence of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants.

The zoning board of South Beloit is set to listen to arguments both in favor and against Pearl Lake Beach’s request to establish a Planned Unit Development for their RV resort. The proposed development includes amenities such as vacation home rentals, recreational activities, and swimming facilities. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 6 p.m. In a planned use development, a municipality can establish a distinct set of zoning regulations for an entire development.

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The rules are proposed by the developer and require approval from the municipality. In Roscoe, Hilander Village, previously known as Hilander, stands as a prominent example in the area. The shopping center is anchored by Schnuck’s, providing a central hub for the community. Scott Sanders, the former Roscoe Village Administrator, has recently shared his feelings of regret regarding the setup of the planned use development.

Under the guidance of new Village Administrator Josef Kurlinkus, the Village of Roscoe is expected to discuss and approve a tentative annual budget for fiscal year 2024. The public will have the opportunity to review it prior to final approval. Trustees are anticipated to give their approval for a Class “D” (On Premise Beer & Wine) liquor license for Pietro’s Pizzeria located at 5724 Elevator Road.

During Tuesday’s meeting, a final decision will be made to enlist the services of Place Foundry in order to develop a comprehensive master plan for the Main Street Roscoe project. Additionally, a payment of $45,200 will be allocated to Fehr Graham & Associates for their expertise in engineering design and construction management for the 2024 Residential Streets Program.

In a surprising turn of events, the Village has announced that it will be undertaking a greater number of street improvements in 2024 than initially anticipated. This decision is set to have a significant impact on the overall infrastructure of the area, potentially leading to improved transportation and enhanced quality of life for residents.

In addition, Fehr Graham is set to receive $5,000 for their services in preparing a Department of Transportation (DOT) RAISE Grant application for the Village. The Village has selected Civic Plus as their provider for Agenda and Meeting Management Essentials. This comprehensive package includes setup and an annual subscription.

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