Washington’s Deserted Nuclear Power Plant Joins the Ranks of America’s Most Unsettling Sites

Discovering the spooky areas of Washington offers a plethora of deserted places to visit, ranging from ghost towns to other abandoned destinations that pique the curiosity while traveling across the Evergreen State. Unbeknownst to most, Washington is home to the ruins of a nuclear power plant that was supposed to be the biggest of its type when the building abruptly stopped. One of the most uncomfortable locations in Washington right now is the Satsop Nuclear Power Plant.

Let me introduce you to WNP-3 and WNP-5, also known as the midway-halted Satsop Nuclear Power Plant project. The remnants of this formerly grandiose project are located in Grays Harbor County, close to Elma.

Currently known as Satsop Business Park, this public institution operates more like a private one. It functions as a vibrant business center and rents out office space along with a variety of amenities. But even with these modern advancements, the place’s spooky past endures. The 480-foot nuclear reactor cooling structure is a menacing reminder of the sinister history of the location.

Washington's Deserted Nuclear Power Plant Joins the Ranks of America's Most Unsettling Sites (1)

The Washington Public Power Supply System first applied for building and operating permits in 1973, which is when it all began. Subsequently, building commenced in 1977.

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In no time at all, Satsop emerged as a key player in one of the largest nuclear power plant-building projects in American history. Nevertheless, the project ran into problems like cost overruns, which led to the Washington Public Power Supply System’s bond default totaling an astounding $2.25 billion. Due to this financial hardship, the building was permanently stopped in 1982, leaving the facility unfinished and in a state of eternal hiatus.

The imposing cooling structure serves as a sobering reminder of both the world’s precarious situation and the enormous effects of nuclear power. The Port of Grays Harbor currently oversees the operation of the community-owned facility. Although it’s a step in the right direction for the property, it’s still a little unsettling to see the enormous cooling tower in the middle of a contemporary business park.

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