‘Turtleboy’ Aidan Kearney’s bail was revoked following a second assault and violence accusation

The Massachusetts blogger Aidan Kearney, known by his pseudonym “Turtleboy”, has been embroiled in a series of legal challenges that escalated in December 2023. This article explores the details of the recent charges against him, the context of these accusations, and the implications for his ongoing legal battles.

Background of Aidan Kearney’s Legal Issues

Aidan Kearney has been a controversial figure due to his blogging activities, particularly surrounding the death of Boston police officer John O’Keefe.

Kearney has been vocal in his belief that Karen Read, O’Keefe’s girlfriend who was charged with second-degree murder in his death, was framed. Kearney’s activism in the “Free Karen Read” movement has led to intense legal scrutiny and charges against him.

Recent Charges and Court Appearances

In the latest development, Kearney was brought to court and ordered held without bail in connection with new accusations of assault and battery. Prosecutors have accused him of intimidating and assaulting his ex-girlfriend. This incident reportedly occurred at the Medfield home of a woman he’s been in a relationship with.

Kearney was arraigned on eight charges of intimidation of a witness, three counts of conspiracy to intimidate a witness, and five counts of picketing a witness related to his controversial activism​​​​.

Kearney has pleaded not guilty to 16 new charges, including witness intimidation, in the Karen Read case. According to court documents, Kearney’s ex-girlfriend, a witness in his ongoing prosecution, alleged that Kearney visited her apartment to discuss information related to the Read case, leading to charges of evidence tampering and intimidation​​​​.

Legal Responses and Defense

Kearney’s legal representation has refuted these allegations. His attorney, Timothy Bradl, described the prosecution’s claims as baseless and called Kearney’s ex-girlfriend “manipulative.”

Bradl expressed shock and disgust at the judge’s decision to hold Kearney without bail and vowed to fight the ruling. Kearney himself has publicly declared the allegations against him as “all lies”​​.

Implications and Next Steps

This series of events marks a significant escalation in Kearney’s legal troubles. The gravity of the charges, coupled with the decision to hold him without bail, indicates a serious turn in his ongoing legal battles.

With his next court date scheduled for the following month, Kearney’s case continues to garner attention and raises questions about the interplay between his online activism and the legal system.


Aidan Kearney’s case exemplifies the complex challenges that arise when online activism intersects with legal proceedings. The allegations of witness intimidation and assault add layers of complexity to his already contentious legal situation. As the case unfolds, it will be closely watched for its potential impact on issues of free speech, online activism, and legal ethics.

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