Tragic Breakthrough: Teen and His Father Arrested in the Murder of Pregnant Savanah Soto, 18, and Boyfriend

Tragic Double Homicide in San Antonio: Father and Son Arrested in Connection with the Murders of Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend
In a shocking turn of events, a 19-year-old named Christopher Preciado and his father, Ramon Preciado, aged 53, were arrested in connection with the murders of pregnant Texas teen Savanah Soto and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra.

The young couple was tragically gunned down in what appears to be a drug deal gone awry, and the arrests were made more than a week after the horrifying incident took place in San Antonio.

Soto, who was nine months pregnant, and Guerra, 22, were discovered dead on December 26 inside a car parked outside an apartment complex. The unborn baby was also declared dead.

Police sergeant Washington Moscoso revealed during a press conference that the investigation quickly pointed toward a drug deal that turned fatal.

The young woman, Soto, went missing on December 22, just a day before her scheduled induction into labor. Her absence was noted when she failed to show up for an important appointment at Stone Oak Methodist Hospital, prompting her family to report her disappearance to the authorities.


San Antonio police, in their efforts to gather evidence, released surveillance footage showcasing two individuals of interest near the crime scene. The video depicts one suspect driving the victims’ Kia Optima, which pulls up in a parking lot to a dark pickup truck driven by the other suspect.

Christopher Preciado faces a capital murder charge, indicating the severity of the crime, while his father, Ramon Preciado, is charged with abuse of a corpse, accused of assisting in relocating the bodies post their demise.

Law enforcement suggests that the victims were killed around midnight on December 21.

Surprisingly, the investigators found Soto’s cell phone to be a crucial piece of evidence. This led to the tracing of the suspects’ vehicle seen in the surveillance footage, enabling law enforcement to locate a possible area where the perpetrators might be.

The arrest took place on Wednesday night, with both suspects being escorted out of the police station in front of the media. The authorities have explicitly stated that they are not pursuing other suspects in connection with this case.

The police department expressed its condolences to the grieving Soto and Guerra families via social media.

Meanwhile, the case had initially been classified as capital murder “due to the death of an unborn child.” More charges are anticipated as the investigation unfolds, according to Sergeant Moscoso.

This tragic incident has shocked the community, and as the legal proceedings progress, the focus will probably shift to the District Attorney’s office to determine if additional charges will be brought concerning the unborn baby.

As the details continue to emerge, the profound loss of two young lives and an unborn child leaves the community grappling with the consequences of this heartbreaking crime.

This is an ongoing story, and updates will be provided as new information emerges.

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