This is the Best Marriage Retreat for Couples in Entire America

It’s never been more appealing to make your relationship stronger. These high-end sexual retreats around the world use techniques like the old wisdom of Tantra, beautiful natural settings, and five days of complete darkness to help couples get closer and talk to each other better.

They’re all about getting your relationship to the next level, in and out of the bedroom. These are the six best sexual and intimacy workshops for couples from around the world, whether you want to get back together, spice things up, or just have a fun holiday with something useful to remember it by.

Philosophy of Marriage Restoration Project

On the surface, the Marriage Restoration Project looks like a five-day, four-night retreat at the El Mangroove Resort in Costa Rica. The schedule includes workshops, meditation groups, spa treatments, and movement routines. To go into more detail, the marriage retreat is based on the ideas of Imago Relationship treatment, which is a type of treatment that focuses on counseling relationships.

“Over the years, we’ve learned that couples need more than just once-a-week therapy,” says Shlomo Slatkin, the founder. “Whether a couple is stuck in a stale marriage that needs a fresh start or is in crisis and at a crossroads, they need a serious intervention to make things clear.” We have discovered that a getaway for couples is the best way to do that.

There are five days of wellness-focused activities planned for the marriage retreat that are meant to turn strife into progress. There are guided meditations, sessions where you can look into your own relationship history, one-on-one conversations designed to find relationship pain points, workbook tasks, and times set aside to rest and relax.

“It’s a crash course in relationships,” Slatkin says. “It gives a lot of information about why couples choose each other and why their unique conflict is not only inevitable but also designed to help them grow and heal.” It also teaches couples useful skills that they can easily use at home.

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Imago Therapy is a great way for couples to fix their relationship, according to him. He says that the style of therapy “sees conflict as normal and as a chance to connect instead of a reason to give up.” Couples can heal from hurts and unmet needs from their childhood and get back together by learning how to talk and listen in a way that makes them feel safe with each other. Within a very short time, couples go through a big change.

About The Costa Rica Effect

Couples could get together anywhere to work out their issues. They don’t need to get on a plane and go to Costa Rica. Shlomo, on the other hand, says that the location is a big part of why the Marriage Restoration Project works.

His words, “Many couples need a change of scenery,” especially after this year with COVID. If you want to start over with your relationship, you need to take some time to focus on yourself. There are a lot of things that can distract you at home.

There’s also the simple fact that Costa Rica is beautiful, and being angry is harder to do when you’re somewhere beautiful. Shlomo says that Costa Rica “is a tropical place that makes romance easier.” For couples who want to get back together, the getaway is both a renewal of the relationship and a honeymoon in one.

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