This city Has America’s Highest Rate of Cocaine Consumption

As of the most recent data, the city with the highest cocaine consumption rate in the United States varies according to different sources and studies.

It’s important to note that such statistics can change over time and may be influenced by various factors, including population size, socioeconomic conditions, and law enforcement activities. Here is a summary of the findings from different sources:

Phoenix, Arizona:

According to a report by Family Medicine for America’s Health, Phoenix, AZ, leads with approximately 23.3% of its population using cocaine. This statistic places Phoenix at the top of American cities in terms of cocaine usage​​.

Washington, D.C.:

Another study highlighted Washington, D.C., as having the highest percentages of cocaine and crack cocaine use. A 2015 study found that around 5.22% of Washington, D.C.’s citizens use cocaine, a rate higher than anywhere else in the country at the time of the study​​.

It’s crucial to consider that these statistics are subject to change and may vary based on the methodology of the studies and the timeframes in which the data were collected. Cocaine use and its prevalence in cities can be influenced by numerous factors, making it a complex issue to address.

Additionally, the availability of current, accurate data is essential for understanding the prevalence of cocaine use in any given city.

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