Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Mott Haven, New York

A diverse and historically rich enclave, Mott Haven is tucked away in New York City’s South Bronx. But like many neighborhoods in urban regions, it struggles with certain safety issues in some locations. Certain parts of the neighborhood are still regarded as less secure than others, despite redevelopment attempts.

It’s important to remember that despite the difficulties these areas have encountered, Mott Haven has seen improvements overall thanks to neighborhood-driven programs that have increased safety. To address these issues and move closer to creating a safer environment for all citizens, police patrols, neighborhood watch programs, and community outreach initiatives are in implementation.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Mott Haven

Within Mott Haven, the following five neighborhoods are noted for having greater rates of crime:

1. East 138th Street

Theft, assaults, and drug-related offenses are among the more common crimes that have occurred on East 138th Street. Crime figures in this specific area have remained concerning despite continuous community attempts.

2. East 141st Street and St. Ann’s Avenue

While the neighborhood around East 141st Street and St. Ann’s Avenue is lively and diverse in terms of culture, there have been reports of violent occurrences, vandalism, and small-time theft, so both locals and visitors should exercise caution.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Mott Haven (1)

3. East 149th Street and Brook Avenue

The neighborhood’s sense of safety has been impacted by violent crimes, like as assaults and robberies, that have occurred at this intersection.

4. Willis Avenue and East 146th Street

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Residents have expressed worries about safety at Willis Avenue and East 146th Street due to occurrences of property-related crimes and sporadic street fights.

5. Third Avenue and East 149th Street

Despite continuous efforts to increase security, Third Avenue and East 149th Street are one of Mott Haven’s most dangerous neighborhoods due to complaints of theft, drug-related activity, and occasional violence.


To create a more secure and safe environment in Mott Haven, both locals and visitors are urged to exercise caution, keep up with safety precautions, and participate in community events.

Though there may be more recorded crimes in these districts, always remember to approach any place cautiously and be conscious of your surroundings.

It is important to remember that different people may have different opinions on safety and that several variables might affect crime rates over time, such as local initiatives and police work. It is best to use official statistics from law enforcement agencies and local crime reports for up-to-date information about neighborhood safety in Mott Haven, as well as official sources of reliable and current information.

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