These 8 Laws are the Most Weirdest Laws in California State

Most of us think of the big, logical California laws when we think of the state’s laws. It’s against the law to drive drunk because it can lead to terrible accidents. It’s against the law to damage or steal someone else’s property, and you can’t attack people either.

Then there are rules that don’t make much sense and may not seem to have any point at all. Keep reading to find out the eight strangest laws that are still in place in California.

The Most Weirdest Laws in California

Women Can’t Drive in Housecoats

Are you a woman in California who wants to run some errands early in the morning? Make sure you’re dressed before you leave the house. In California, it is against the law for women to drive while wearing housecoats. Men are still free to go out in whatever clothes look best on them.

Autonomous Vehicle Speed Limit

The next silly law we’ll talk about is newer to California’s law books. It is against the law for self-driving cars to go faster than 60 miles per hour anywhere in California.

Only Cars in the Garage

When we talk about cars, people who live in Long Beach should make sure their cars have their own room. Within the city borders of Long Beach, it is against the law to store anything other than cars in a garage. The rule in San Francisco is similar when it comes to parking garages for apartment buildings and hotels.

No High Kite Flying

Let’s go fly a kite, but not as high as the tallest trees in Walnut! It is against the law in the city to fly a kite higher than ten feet above the ground.

No Camel Walking

You should be careful about where and when you walk your camel in Palm Springs, California. Between 4 and 6 p.m., it’s against the law to walk a camel down Palm Canyon Drive. On other streets or at other times, though, it looks like it’s fine to walk.

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Take Cowboy Boots Seriously

For people in Blythe, California, cowboy boots are a very important thing. If you don’t have at least two cows, you can’t wear cowboy boots. I mean, they’re not called “cute with a sundress boots,” you know?

No Moth Hunting

Los Angeles is committed to keeping our moth friends safe from sneaky plans. It is against the law to hunt moths under streetlights in the city bounds. Because you want to give the little guys a chance, hunt moths during the day if you have to.

Profanity-free Mini Golf

We understand how upsetting it is to miss a hole-in-one in miniature golf, but in Long Beach, you should keep your temper in check. In Long Beach, it is against the law to swear on a mini golf course. For example, you could try “dagnabit,” “son of a nutcracker,” or “fiddlesticks.”

How to Get Defense From Silly Laws?

Laws that were made decades ago are often forgotten but still exist. Without the rest of the story, these rules don’t make sense, and they’re almost never, if ever, actually followed. But while you’re walking with your friends in Los Angeles, California, at night, it can be fun to tell them to leave moths alone.

The rules we’ve talked about here are silly, but criminal charges are not. We’re ready to help you fight for your rights and build a strong case at The Rodriguez Law Group. Let us fight for your future by setting up a free meeting today.

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