This is the Most Common Thing California is Known for

California is a state on the West Coast that is known for its many draws that bring people there all year long. From well-known sites like the Hollywood sign and the Golden Gate Bridge to the state’s many outdoor activities, the Golden State is a great place to go on vacation.

The Pacific Ocean, huge mountain ranges, and desert in California make for a very varied landscape that is perfect for all kinds of exciting activities, big and small. You can take it easy by riding your bike along a famous beach boardwalk, look up at famous city skylines, or get your heart racing by visiting sea caves off the rough coast.

What does California stand for? Find out about some of the best things about the state that make it a great place to visit and how to get there yourself.

Hollywood Glamor

One of the best things that California is known for is making movies and TV shows. Many famous movies and shows are made in Hollywood. This classic Los Angeles neighborhood is home to many film studios. You can even take a walk behind the scenes and see prop rooms, soundstages, and working lots.

Walk along the famous Hollywood Boulevard and see famous sights like the Walk of Fame with its brass stars and the elegant Kodak Theater, as well as other movie theaters from the 1920s. Find a green space like Griffith Park and walk up to the Griffith Observatory to get a great picture of the famous Hollywood sign on the hill. Along the way, there are different points of view.

Beautiful Beaches

California has beautiful beaches all along the Pacific Coast. There is a beach in the Golden State for everyone, whether you want to ride waves on a surfboard, look for tidepools, or just relax in the sun.

When you’re in glitzy Los Angeles, go to Venice Beach, which is one of the most famous in North America. It’s just south of the Santa Monica neighborhood. People like to go out and do things on Venice Beach.

Along with the sun and sand, there are murals, a waterfront skatepark, basketball fields, an outdoor gym, free drum circles every day, and a boardwalk with street performers.

Another stretch of beach that captures the laid-back spirit of southern California is Mission Beach in San Diego. The wide stretch of beach has a laid-back vibe, but there are lots of things to do on and near it.

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Mission Beach has something for everyone. You can play beach volleyball, do water sports, read a book, or jump into the Pacific for a refreshing swim. Also, it’s one of California’s best beaches for families.

The Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most well-known sites in the world is the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge connects downtown San Francisco to Marin County and goes across the one-mile-wide Golden Gate Strait. It is a sight that you can’t miss.

With its art deco style, the architectural wonder was built in 1937. When it was finished, it was the world’s largest and longest suspension bridge until the 1960s.

You can see and enjoy this amazing landmark in a number of different ways. You can walk or ride a bike across it, take pictures from different spots on the north and south sides while visiting some of San Francisco’s best beaches, or go on a boat cruise in the San Francisco Bay and go under the structure for a completely different view.

The bridge can look different shades of red based on the light, but its official color is “international orange,” and it needs to be painted all the time to keep it that way.

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