The Newark police are looking for someone who may have cut tires

In Newark, New Jersey, police are actively searching for suspects involved in a tire-slashing incident. The event occurred in the early hours of December 10, around 2 a.m., on the 800 block of Mount Prospect Avenue.

The car, which was parked at the time, had its right and rear tires slashed. The vehicle’s owner discovered the damage later that morning at around 11 a.m.

The suspects were reportedly seen leaving the scene in a dark grey Honda Civic. In response to this act of vandalism, Newark officials are urging anyone with information about the suspects to come forward.

The Police Division has provided a 24-hour Crime Stopper tip line, 1-877-NWK-TIPS (1-877-695-8477), for anyone who might have relevant information.

The department assures that all tips received through this line will be kept confidential​​.

This incident is a concerning example of the type of vandalism that can disrupt the lives of city residents and create a sense of unease in the community.

The Newark Police Department’s request for public assistance underscores their commitment to addressing and solving such crimes to maintain public safety and order.

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