Study Reveals the Drunkest City in Colorado That Will Surprise You

Coloradans love their alcohol, especially India Pale Ale, which is strong and bitter. That’s why it’s not a surprise that the “drunkest” city in the state also makes some of the best craft beer in the country.

A recent study from 24/7 Wall Street looked at each state’s “drunkest” cities to see where they were located. To learn more about the subject, the newspaper looked at where the highest percentage of adults said they heavily or binge-drank. It also said that 19.8 percent of the population in the United States drinks too much.

The article found that 34 metro areas across the country had higher rates of excessive drinking than the national average. Fort Collins, Colorado, was named the “drunkest” place in Colorado, with 22.2% of people saying they drink too much. This is compared to the state rate of 20.3% for “excessive drinking,” which is the 11th highest rate in the country. Fort Collins has had a great craft beer scene for a long time. It is home to more than a dozen great brewers, such as Funkwerks, Odell, New Belgium, and Crooked Stave.

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Even though a lot of people in Fort Collins drink too much, the number is still much lower than in Dubuque, Iowa, which is the “drunkest” city in the country (27.4% of adults there drink too much).

Heavy drinking can cause a lot of major health problems and makes the roads more dangerous. In Colorado, for instance, 34% of driving deaths are caused by drinking.

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