Stay Ready, Georgia: Gov. Kemp’s Call to Action for Residents Ahead of Freezing Conditions

On Monday, a sizable storm system is sweeping into the southeast, bringing with it wintry conditions in certain areas.

ATLANTA — Georgians should be ready for this week’s cold weather, according to Governor Brian Kemp. On Monday, a sizable storm system is sweeping into the southeast, bringing with it wintry conditions in certain areas.

The governor announced on the X platform that the weather system will be monitored by local and state partners.

“Ahead of the freezing temperatures on the way to more parts of Georgia, be prepared for the impacts of this winter weather and take extra care on the roads,” urged the governor.

Closures for Tuesday, January 16, 2024, have already been issued by a number of school districts. Some are also setting aside the day for online education. Cobb County Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, and Marietta City Schools are closed for pupils in the metro area.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for several counties in north Georgia, including a handful in the metro Atlanta area. Tuesday morning could see some light freezing rain in parts of north-central and northwest Georgia. This can result in slick roads.

Stay Ready, Georgia Gov. Kemp's Call to Action for Residents Ahead of Freezing Conditions (1)

11Alive StormTrackers provides a summary of the predicted weather. View the timeline and learn more about the possible risks here.

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is telling citizens to “be prepared” for the impending freezing temperatures as a cold front moves across the state. The governor’s proactive approach emphasizes the significance of preparedness and safety in the face of winter weather problems, particularly with the possibility of icy conditions and precipitation levels potentially dropping.

The advisory for the weather

Governor Kemp has issued a call to action as temperatures across Georgia are expected to drop significantly, according to meteorologists

The advice stresses that to safeguard themselves, their families, and their property, locals must remain watchful and adopt the appropriate safety measures. It is conceivable for there to be traffic hazards and unfavorable circumstances for outdoor activities when freezing temperatures and precipitation are combined.

Governor Kemp’s Statement

Governor Kemp recently stressed in a news conference the value of personal accountability and community cooperation in the face of severe weather. “This is the time to be proactive and get ready for the upcoming winter weather,” he said. We may protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our houses by using easy yet powerful precautions.”

In the end, Governor Kemp’s appeal for readiness comes at a perfect moment, as freezing conditions are predicted for Georgia, reminding people to take the appropriate safety measures.

Georgians are capable of navigating the winter weather with resilience and guaranteeing a safe environment for themselves and their communities by being informed, safeguarding property, and putting safety first.

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