Sephora Responds to Customer Claim of Spiders Attracted by Sol de Janeiro Body Butter

Some individuals say your moisturizer may attract a spider, but they’re not sure why. One Sephora client claimed to have seen multiple wolf spiders after applying Sol De Janiero’s new Delícia Drench Body Butter, according to a widely shared review on the cosmetics retailer’s website.

“Beware of these lotions if you’re afraid of wolf spiders, haha. One of the ingredients is like wolf spider kryptonite, even though I wanted to love them so much,” the customer noted.

“As soon as I put it on, one will emerge. Usually, I’ll see someone utilize this every day for about three years.” Since stopping the product’s use, the reviewer stated he or she has not spotted a spider.

The story spread to Reddit, where a user named @marchingkoala speculated that two compounds, farnesyl acetate, and hexadecyl acetate, occasionally found in skincare products, might be the source of the spider affinity.

Social media users on TikTok and X have been circulating what has subsequently been confirmed to be a rumor after the review and Reddit discussion went viral.

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In a Friday Instagram story, Sol de Janeiro refuted these assertions.

“We never imagined that we would become an urban legend by 2023,” the brand stated. “All of our products, including the new Delicia Drench Body Butter and upcoming Cheirosa 59 perfume mist, are free from farnesyl acetate, diisobutyl phthalate, and hexadecyl acetate.”

“So while they may attract a lot of attention from people, they won’t from arachnids (even though we love all creatures at Sol de Janeiro),” the statement continued.

“Hope that clears up any concerns and Happy 2024!”

The company has additionally addressed TikTok videos that raise questions on the purported spider problem with the body butter by stating, “Of course this rumor is untrue!”

“None of our products, including Delicia Drench + 59 Mist, contain these alleged arachnid attracting ingredients,” stated Sol de Janeiro.

After the brand refuted the charges, the public’s response was divided; some said they still didn’t believe it.

TikTok user @taylagray91 said in a comment on a video on the subject, “Well, I live in Australia so I’m not taking the risk.”

“I’m still not buying it,” said @elisesallt, a TikToker user, beneath the same video. The product page on Sephora’s website no longer included the initial review that caused the craze as of Wednesday.

Sephora and Sol de Janeiro were contacted by Fox News Digital for comments.

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