Protesters in Gaza calling for a cease-fire stopped traffic near LAX

In Los Angeles, a significant demonstration took place near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), with protesters demanding a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip. On Friday night, this large group of protesters marched along Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles’ Westchester neighborhood, leading to traffic disruptions in the vicinity of LAX. The demonstration is part of a broader call for peace in response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza​​​​​​.

Additionally, earlier in the week, there was a related protest in downtown Los Angeles, where American Jews and allies blocked the 110 freeway. This protest, which occurred on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, similarly demanded a ceasefire in Gaza. Dozens of Jewish protesters and their allies were arrested after they obstructed rush hour traffic on this busy Los Angeles highway.

These events are indicative of increasing domestic pressure and activism in the United States regarding the conflict in Gaza, highlighting the international concern and solidarity with those affected by the violence in the region​​.

The convergence of these protests in Los Angeles, particularly near a major transport hub like LAX, underscores the urgency and intensity of the public’s call for peace.

These demonstrations are not only expressions of solidarity with those suffering in Gaza but also reflect a broader desire for an end to the hostilities and a return to negotiations and peaceful resolution of the conflict. The participation and organization of these protests by diverse groups, including American Jews, show a multifaceted response to the crisis, one that transcends cultural and national boundaries.

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