NYC landlord sets fire to the house that had eight tenants living in it After fighting with the tenants over rent

A 66-year-old Brooklyn landlord, Rafiqul Islam, has been indicted on serious charges of attempted murder and arson. This indictment follows his alleged action of setting fire to his rental property in Cypress Hills, which was occupied by a family of eight tenants, including six children.

The incident, which occurred on September 26, reportedly unfolded while the family was sleeping inside the property.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, led by Eric Gonzalez, announced the charges, highlighting the severity of the crime. According to reports, one of the tenants noticed smoke and flames coming up from the interior stairwell during the incident. This alarming situation underscores the potential danger the tenants were exposed to due to the alleged actions of the landlord.

The charges against Islam include attempted murder, arson, and related charges, stemming from allegations that he deliberately set fire to the property over issues related to unpaid rent.

This case has drawn significant attention due to the grave nature of the accusations and the risk posed to the occupants, particularly the young children in the building.

Rafiqul Islam was apprehended by FDNY marshals following the incident. The fire was reportedly started in an interior stairwell of the property located at 212 Forbell Street in Cypress Hills. This act of alleged arson, especially with occupants inside the building, represents a serious violation of law and public safety.

The case is a stark reminder of the extreme measures some individuals might resort to in disputes, particularly involving property and tenancy issues.

The legal proceedings against Islam will be closely watched, given the nature of the charges and the potential implications for landlord-tenant relations and public safety in residential properties​

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