Exploring Some Apartment Courtyards and Gardens in Minneapolis

Looking for an apartment in Minneapolis should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. First, you need to decide where you want to live and try to find some hidden gems nearby. Afterwards, you should determine what is important to you when choosing an apartment. Would you like to experience one of those amazing views of Minneapolis? Are you looking for a place that allows pets?

When making a list of things you want in your next Minneapolis apartment, don’t forget to consider the importance of having a good outdoor area. Having a garden, courtyard, or any outdoor space at home is always a great advantage. It provides a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors without having to go anywhere else. If you want to limit your choices, take a look at these popular places that have great courtyards and gardens in the city.

Dock Street Flats

The courtyard at Dock Street Flats is stylish and perfect for gatherings of any size. It focuses on providing comfortable seating for everyone. The room is filled with couches arranged closely together, and there is a fireplace in the center that you can see through.

This Warehouse District community also has a community garden for residents who enjoy gardening. If you’re heading out, this neighborhood has a mix of lively downtown vibes and classy fashion, so you have lots of choices for restaurants, cocktail bars, boutique shops, and more.

Ironclad Residential

This small courtyard at Ironclad Residential is called the Great Lawn and is a perfect place for outdoor games. There is a separate area of grass that is ideal for playing frisbee. Additionally, there is a reserved spot that is already set up for playing cornhole. There is seating in a shaded area where you can go to cool off when you need a break from the sun.

This community in Downtown East is located just a few steps away from many amenities and attractions. Fortunately, this neighborhood is very easy to walk around in. This means it’s convenient to go to US Bank Stadium for a concert or football game, Guthrie Theater for a show, or Mill City for shopping and dining. You are also close to Gold Medal Park, which is 7.5 acres in size and offers beautiful views of the Mississippi River and the historic Stone Arch Bridge.

New Boston Square Apartments

New Boston Square Apartments has several courtyards spread out across its open space. In front of the building, there is a pleasant open area with big, healthy trees and well-planned plant beds. The courtyard space at the back is filled with grills, tables with red umbrellas, and a few loungers. Older trees also contribute to filling this area.

This Windom Park community is located in Minneapolis’ arts district. It offers convenient access to downtown while still providing plenty of local amenities. You are in an area with many wonderful stores, fantastic dining options, and even a fantastic public library. Windom Park is a great place in the neighborhood for playing football, tennis, ice skating, and hockey.

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Tralee Terrace

There are many possibilities when you have a lot of green space to work with. The park at Tralee Terrace is a great place to go for a calm walk, have a picnic, or play some outdoor games. Having only a few patches of bushes and trees allows for more space to use as a lawn and more nature to appreciate.

Tralee Terrace has a big playground with a jungle gym and swings for kids to play on. There is also an outdoor basketball court. There are activities for everyone to enjoy outdoors, whether you want to relax or get some exercise.

Somerset Oaks

When an apartment community feels like a neighborhood, it means you’re doing something right. At Somerset Oaks, the happy atmosphere is created by the large lawn that separates the buildings. It’s like having both a front yard and a backyard combined into one, but it looks like a courtyard. The area has a large expanse of well-maintained green grass, which is complemented by a small number of tall trees and large bushes. It’s a great way to add a touch of nature.

Saint Louis Park is located about seven miles from downtown Minneapolis. This suburb is known for its relaxed and outdoor lifestyle. It has a large Nature Center spanning 160 acres and over 80 parks where you can go hiking, have picnics, and enjoy other outdoor activities. Somerset Oaks is located in the Oak Hill neighborhood, which has a park with paved trails, open fields, a splash pad, and other amenities.

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