8 Most Silliest Laws in Michigan That You Must Need to Know

While laws are meant to keep us safe and protect our rights, let’s be honest: some laws are just plain weird. Every state has its own strange or crazy rules. Here are four from Michigan that you probably haven’t heard of before.

The Most Silliest Laws in Michigan

Seducing Unmarried Girls is Illegal

Section 750.532 of Michigan Law says that a man who seduces and debauch an unmarried woman is committing a felony. This is a crime that can get him up to five years in state jail, a $2,500 fine, or both. That being said, no one will be charged with this crime after a year has passed since it was committed.

Selling Cars on Sundays is Illegal

According to Michigan Law section 435.251, it is illegal for any person, firm, or corporation to buy, sell, trade, or exchange new, used, or second-hand motor vehicles, or to offer to buy, sell, trade, or exchange, or to take part in the negotiation of such deals, or to try to buy, sell, trade, or exchange any motor vehicle or interest therein, or of any written document related thereto, on Sunday, the first day of the week.

Riding a Train while Drunk is Illegal

Section 436.201 of Michigan Law says that someone who is clearly drunk cannot get on or stay on a train or interurban car as a customer.

Adultery is Illegal

Under Michigan Law section 750.30, it is a crime to be an adulterer without permission from either the wife or the husband. If the crime is done between a married woman and a single man, the guy is also guilty of adultery and will be punished the same way.

Section 750.31 of Michigan Law says that a prosecution or law suit for adultery can’t begin until a formal complaint is made by either the husband or the wife. Also, a prosecution can’t begin more than one year after the offense.

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Illegal to Kill a Dog

Decompression chambers are closed rooms that can make a high-pressure setting. These rooms are often used for medical reasons. Even so, there is a point where higher-than-normal pressure can really hurt live things that are used to normal pressures. The goal of this rule was to stop more people from using decompression chambers to kill dogs.

Destroying a Vintage Radio is Illegal

It’s not worth the trouble to destroy your old radio if you don’t want to keep it. You might want to think about giving money instead. This may have been put in place to protect the history of the city. How did you know that radios could be so useful?

Illegal to Paint Sparrows

No one can spray paint, dye, or change the color of a bird in any other way to sell it as a different species. This isn’t just true in Harper Woods, though! It is against the law in Michigan to sell an animal that has been marked with chemicals. Even though we don’t know where this law came from, we do know that it is good for animals.

Smoking in Bed is Illegal

There’s no way to know if this law was made to keep the air in your bedroom clean or because one too many smokers set their bed on fire. But common sense tells me that smoking in bed could easily cause an accident or fire. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

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