These are the Most Silliest Laws in Texas That Will Shock You

There are a lot of strange rules in the US. Many of them come from a time when people didn’t have the technology we do now or lived very differently than they do now.

The Most Silliets Laws of Texas

Can’t Sit on a Sidewalk

In Galveston, it is against the law to sit or stand on a city sidewalk or right-of-way in a way that blocks free and unobstructed pedestrian movement. Violations are a class C crime that can get you a fine of up to $500.

Sniffing Glue is Illegal

Also, in Galveston, it is illegal to deliberately smell or breathe in the fumes from any model glue with the goal of getting high, feeling happy, excited, or stifled, or to dull the senses or nervous system. This includes any glue or cement used to build model airplanes, boats, or cars that contains toluene, acetone, or another chemical or solvent that gives off harmful fumes. It is not against the law for a licensed doctor, physician, dentist, nurse, or other licensed doctor to breathe in any kind of anesthesia for medical or dental reasons.

Can’t Carry Wire Cutters in Pocket

There is a law in Austin that says you can’t carry wire cutters in your pocket. This law is said to have come about because farmers fought over whether to keep their land open range or fence it off. At first, the rule was meant to stop ranchers from cutting down each other’s fences.

Human Organs Dealing is Illegal

It has been a class A misdemeanor since August 26, 1985, for someone to knowingly or intentionally offer to buy, offer to sell, acquire, sell, or otherwise move any human organ for money. As well as the kidney, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, eye, bone, skin, fetal tissue, and any other part or tissue from a person. This does not, however, include hair, blood parts, blood derivatives, or blood compounds. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as paying medical staff fees, getting reimbursed for medical or legal costs, getting reimbursed for travel or living costs, or getting reimbursed for lost wages.

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Marriage Via Proclamation

Texas is a common law marriage state, which means that a couple is officially married after three public announcements of their marriage. This is true even if the other spouse is not present at the ceremony. In order to take part, both people must be willing, over 18 years old, and not connected to each other.

Texas Attempts to Control the Weather

In September 2003, the Weather Modification and Control Grant Program was made. Its goal was to create and run a program that would give matching funds to Texas political subdivisions for weather modification and control. Which, according to the bill, means changing or directing how clouds or rain form naturally in the troposphere.

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