The Least Educated City in New Jersey Has Been Revealed

Camden, New Jersey, is identified as the least educated city in the state, according to SafeWise’s analysis using data from the 2019 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. This analysis determined the percentage of adults aged 25 and older possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher in each city.

Camden exhibits the lowest percentage of adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher among municipalities in New Jersey with a population of 25,000 or more​​.

Camden has a rich history but has encountered numerous challenges, including deindustrialization, urban decay, high crime rates, poverty, and corruption, contributing to its low educational achievement rate. Only 9.3% of adults in Camden hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, significantly lower than the 43.6% state average in New Jersey and the 32.1% national average​​.

Factors contributing to Camden’s low education levels include limited access to quality education opportunities, a high poverty rate, and low demand for skilled workers. Camden’s public school system faces significant challenges like low test scores, high dropout rates, and insufficient funding.

Additionally, the city contends with a poverty rate of 36.4%, impacting the ability of individuals to pursue higher education. The local economy primarily centers around sectors that do not necessitate a high level of education​​.

Efforts are underway to elevate education levels in Camden, focusing on enhancing access to quality educational opportunities, addressing poverty and inequality, and stimulating demand for skilled workers​​.

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