Exploring Gorgeous Apartment Courtyards and Gardens in Miami

Miami is a city that has a lot to offer. There are many apartments to choose from, with great views and rooftop amenities. It can be difficult to decide because there are so many options available.

A must-have feature in any Miami apartment is a fantastic outdoor area. If you want to enjoy the great weather with friends, you should have some plants and a nice place to gather. That’s why it’s important to find apartments in Miami that have good courtyards or gardens. These 10 apartments will definitely meet that requirement.


Alea has several attractive courtyard-like spaces that make good use of its vertical space. The courtyard is where the community’s dog run is located. However, this colorful spot also offers a nice view and a small area with plants. The colorful mural on the wall, ceiling, and pillars of this outdoor area adds a Miami vibe and creates a unique space where you can relax and stay shaded from the sun.

Opera Tower

The front of Opera Tower has a vertical garden of greenery for you to enjoy, instead of spreading out horizontally. The lush bushes growing straight from the building itself are set higher than the palm trees lining the entrance. This unique garden not only adds vibrant colors to the beautiful building but also makes the space more noticeable.

The Edgewater neighborhood is located near the center of Miami, along the shores of Biscayne Bay. The area provides a great combination of parks, shops, restaurants, and activities by the water.

Gables Ponce

Gables Ponce has a beautiful courtyard with tall palm trees and well-designed landscaping, making it a great place to hang out. The curved couches are positioned towards a small fountain, and there is also cabana-style seating available on the side. There are outdoor cabanas available in this Central Gables neighborhood, which are highly recommended.

Coral Gables is a beautiful suburb located about seven miles from the center of Miami. This area is famous for its streets with trees and important historical sites. It is also where the University of Miami is located, so you can expect to see many college students around.

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Cordoba Luxury Rentals

To get the best view of the courtyard at Cordoba Luxury Rentals, use a wide-angle lens. Tall palm trees are so big that it’s difficult to see the entire space all at once, but they create a wonderful park-like atmosphere. The area is easy to navigate because of the paved pathways, and there are also some clusters of bushes and hardscape elements.

If you enjoy traveling or often go on work trips, Cordoba could be the ideal neighborhood for you. The distance from Miami International Airport is only six miles.

Blue Lagoon 7

At Blue Lagoon 7, there is a beautiful seating area in the courtyard. The white furniture and green grass create a clean and pristine appearance. Find a spot on the circular lawn and spend time with friends, or get comfortable on the couch under the cabana. This is just one part of a large courtyard that also has other groups of seats and attractive landscaping.

Blue Lagoon 7 is a luxurious place with plenty of outdoor space. It offers various green and blue areas where you can enjoy the fresh air of Miami. Located directly on the waterfront, you’ll have plenty of beautiful views of the clear water.

Avalon Doral

Avalon Doral has a lounge area located outside in a beautiful tropical garden. Discover a peaceful area near the pool with comfortable rounded chairs and tables for four. Enjoy the surrounding greenery and palm fronds. The unique lighting in this area allows you to use it even at night, and the overall tropical atmosphere really makes you feel like you’re in Florida.

Downtown Doral is a lively area, even though it is a few miles away from Miami’s city center. Take a stroll down the main street to find shops, restaurants, and enjoyable activities. Alternatively, you can also visit Downtown Doral Park.

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