Los Angeles Police Arrested 71-year-old Serial Bank Robber For Another Heist

A 71-year-old individual with a history of bank robberies, who has previously served lengthy prison sentences, has been apprehended once again by the authorities in Los Angeles for committing another robbery, according to the police.

A suspect named Bruce Edward Bell has been apprehended by the Los Angeles Police Department after a reported robbery at a bank in the Sun Valley neighborhood on December 21. It is alleged that Bell managed to steal over $60,000 in cash during the incident.

According to authorities, Bell, who was recently released from prison in July 2021 and was under supervision during his latest arrest, has an extensive criminal history. He has been convicted of four bank robberies in the past and has spent over four decades in federal correctional facilities. According to the LAPD, during the December robbery, Bell allegedly entered the location, seized an employee, and brandished a firearm.

A Bell employee was allegedly coerced into approaching a door with restricted access. According to the police, Bell forcefully demanded access to the secure area and made a threat to shoot the employee if his demand was not met. “Upon entering the premises, Bell proceeded to instruct a fellow employee to assist him in acquiring a substantial amount of cash.” A suspect fled from the scene with a substantial amount of money, totaling over $60,000.00.

Newly released surveillance footage reveals bank staff escorting Bell behind the counter, according to investigators. In a surprising turn of events, he unveils a reusable shopping bag and begins making dramatic gestures, brandishing what seems to be a firearm.

Los Angeles Police Arrested 71-year-old Serial Bank Robber


During the incident, a drawer adjacent to the teller’s desk was observed opening, and the individual proceeded to place various items into a bag for approximately two minutes. During the incident, the bank staff can be observed raising their hands. After leaving the bank, the suspect is seen walking away, while someone hiding under a desk at the scene comes out.

According to witnesses present at the scene, Bell was observed driving away in a silver Volvo sedan from the year 2002. Concerned individuals promptly dialed 911 to report the incident. The Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division responded to the incident and successfully located the suspect’s vehicle. They proceeded to carry out a high-risk traffic stop, according to the LAPD. “During the stop, Bell was detained and a search of his car revealed a black replica firearm and $64,000.00 in cash.”

According to authorities, Bell is currently being charged with kidnapping. Jail records show that his bail has been set at $1.6 million. The LAPD has stated that investigators suspect there may be additional victims of robbery by Bell who have not yet been identified.

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