Former NFL Stars Dawkins and Willis Turn to Nirvana Super’s Unique Drinks for Fitness After Retirement

Fitness is still a major part of many former professional players’ daily lives. The NFL greats Brian Dawkins and Patrick Willis train and work out because it’s in their blood to be physically active, even if they aren’t hitting guys every week.

Their bodies may suffer from physical strain from their extensive training regimen and the wear and tear of their NFL career.

Whether they are still competing or not, these former All-Pros have discovered a beverage brand that has revolutionized the way sportsmen and women care for their bodies.

David Vanderveen, the CEO of Nirvana Super, a health beverage company, founded the company after more than three decades of collaboration with Dr. Naji Abumrad, the man who developed hydroxymethylbutyrate, or HMB.

Abumrad discovered that the normal metabolism of the amino acid leucine results in the production of HMB. HMB functions as the “muscle guardian,” preventing muscle breakdown and fostering muscle growth and repair. Leucine is an important amino acid present in protein.

Former NFL Stars Dawkins and Willis Turn to Nirvana Super's Unique Drinks for Fitness After Retirement (1)

Nirvana Super’s HMB-infused beverages are the result of his study and Vanderveen’s experience in the energy drink industry as CEO of XS Energy, which created the first sugar-free energy drink.

Athletes like Dawkins, Willis, Kyle Lowry of the Miami Heat, and others rely on them to help them reach their fitness objectives. They come in a variety of forms, from water bottles to seltzers to little shots.

“I was blessed by someone a long time ago, my rookie year, that allowed me to see this topic through a completely different lens,” Dawkins said on Fox News Digital. “He was in his 12th year in the league, still making Pro Bowls, and had football left in him when I was a rookie. After enduring a highly tumultuous period in his life, he managed to turn his life around. I am referring to Irving Fryar.

“Well, Irving Fryar told me this while we were walking past each other to the bathroom to use mouthwash and other necessities. “If you look after your body now, Rook, it will look after you later,” he continued. I was struck differently and was forced to consider many of the things I was doing in my life when I heard it.”

Before the recipe was completed, Dawkins, a former outstanding safety for the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos, was among the first to try Nirvana Super. Dawkins was already intense about everything he did physically.

When he played, Dawkins was a “huge camper,” experiencing cramps all throughout his body. At the time, he was unaware of how dehydrated and undernourished he was while playing. He has been able to stay restocked and prepared for the next day thanks to Nirvana Super.

“Being introduced to Nirvana, to not only have the science to help you stay hydrated and hydrate your body better but also to help you build and maintain muscle as you get more seasoned in life,” Dawkins stated. “I say more seasoned in life, not older.

Former NFL Stars Dawkins and Willis Turn to Nirvana Super's Unique Drinks for Fitness After Retirement (2)

It seemed like a match made in heaven to me. I never advise somebody to do anything or take anything that I haven’t already done, even while I’m using the product myself. I accepted it and subjected myself to rigorous exercise. It aided in my recovery; the soreness has subsided since I started using those medications. I therefore gave in.”

Former colleague Donte Whitner, who is also included in the brand’s athlete portfolio, introduced Willis to the product.

Dawkins, a 50-year-old, and Willis, a 38-year-old San Francisco 49ers great, can personally attest to the positive effects football may have on retirement.

He said to Fox News Digital, “I just noticed that it’s been a big part of my workout since working out, since training.” It seems to be helpful in my recuperation.

The fact that it regulates your metabolism, which is advantageous because it tends to slow down a little as you age, is another feature I enjoy about it. It contains the B-3 complexes and vitamin D. It is excellent for the body and contains wonderful components.”

In addition, Willis mentioned that the beverage contains 100 milligrams of caffeine, which, depending on tolerance, is comparable to one to two cups of coffee. Unlike other drinks, it doesn’t contain a lot of caffeine. Its main goal is to support muscles both during and after exercise.

“I almost feel as good as I did when I was playing,” Willis stated. “I can’t say I don’t feel any pain at all, but I feel pretty good, and I think Nirvana is a part of that.”

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