Florida Man, Best Man in Dad’s Wedding, Dies in Hit-and-Run Tragedy on Christmas Morning

This is so weird. how his family will manage this difficult situation. See ahead in the news. Following the groom’s son’s death in a hit-and-run in Florida just hours after the wedding, a happy family gathering turned tragic.

A car struck Andrew “Drew” Sofranko, 23, while he was crossing the street early on Christmas morning. He was the best man at his father’s wedding, according to Melbourne Police.

As for Drew, his father, Douglas Sofranko, told Fox 35 Orlando, “The doctor said that he probably died right after impact.” When the paramedics arrived, he was without a pulse. In light of this, the fact that he experienced no discomfort offers very little comfort, but it is not particularly helpful overall.

Florida Man, Best Man in Dad's Wedding, Dies in Hit-and-Run Tragedy on Christmas Morning (1)

Celebrating his father and stepmother’s wedding, the 23-year-old Pennsylvanian was on vacation in Melbourne.

Drew Sofranko concluded his address by wishing for a marriage that not only endures but also grows stronger every day. “Dad, you’ve been my hero and guide, and now seeing you take this step with such grace and happiness fills my heart with immense joy.”

Their idyllic vacation became a nightmare, Douglas Sofranko told Fox 35 Orlando. In light of their son’s death, the family is now seeking justice and the identification of the perpetrator.

“The car was a white, four-door Chevrolet, that much is known,” Douglas Sofranko stated. “So, if any of the viewers know anyone in the area with a white, four-door Chevrolet vehicle in the area they see damage on, please call the Melbourne Police Department and let them know.”

Florida Man, Best Man in Dad's Wedding, Dies in Hit-and-Run Tragedy on Christmas Morning (2)

In 2024, Drew Sofranko intended to enlist in the US Navy to participate in the Nuclear Field program, according to a GoFundMe campaign.

Melbourne Police’s 321-616-5033 number is the number that detectives are requesting anyone with information on the traffic homicide case to give.

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