FBI Reports: Texas Men Filmed Themselves Gang-Raping Toddlers in Mall Bathroom

Investigators have determined that the two- and three-year-old male youngsters in the recordings were abused at the Houston Galleria.

According to the FBI or Fox26houston.com, a Texas man was detained after he allegedly recorded himself and six other males having sex with two kids in the restroom of a well-known mall in Houston.

This week, the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) discovered films on the dark web, which the FBI stated it then received. According to the authorities, the activities happened in the Houston Galleria’s restroom—one of Texas’ most renowned retail centers.

According to a KRIV report, Arthur Hector Fernandez III, 29, has been accused of sexually abusing minors. Fernandez was identified as a former Galleria worker. The study states that the kids in the recordings are two and three years old.

According to the FBI, one of the recordings purports to show a male youngster being assaulted while lying on a changing table in a public restroom. Fernandez is purportedly filming the incident.

FBI Reports Texas Men Filmed Themselves Gang-Raping Toddlers in Mall Bathroom (1)

Three other films that ACE sent to the FBI feature a second toddler. In one recording, the toddler is also seen using a change table. According to police, Fernandez appears in at least two of the recordings including many males.

According to investigators, Fernandez was recognized by family members of the two toddlers based on the clothes the kids were wearing in the photos, which had been cleaned up. In addition, relatives claimed to have seen two silver bracelets that Fernandez, a family acquaintance, was wearing.

A first toddler’s relative informed them that they had been called in to work on a planned day off, which had left them frantically trying to locate a babysitter. They brought the child to work, where it is said that Fernandez promised to look after them. According to court documents, that was the sole occasion that Fernandez and that youngster were by themselves.

According to the documents, this incident happened on May 6 and is likely related to a facility at the Galleria, which is described as having “public restrooms, private stalls, and changing tables.”

A second toddler’s family reported they experienced a similar situation when they took their youngster to work. According to reports, Fernandez promised to watch over the children and walk them around the mall while serving as a babysitter.

According to that relative, Fernandez watched their child twice more when she wasn’t there: once in December 2022 and again on October 31 when they went trick-or-treating.

Documents claim that in one footage, a pair of white Converse All-Star low tops are seen lying on the ground. FBI After searching Fernandez’s reported address, Houston claimed to have discovered three pairs of shoes. They allegedly also discovered electronics, especially ones with storage capacity for materials related to sexual abuse.

Dr. Bob Sanborn, president and CEO of Children at Risk, advised parents to be on the lookout for indicators of sexual abuse in their children in addition to implementing protections.

“I think as parents you want to go with your gut, but also as policymakers, people need to start figuring out how do we figure out we have safe environments for our kids, so parents don’t have to wait on a creepy uncle or a neighbor they think is safe,” Sanborn stated.

“Kids will sort of withdraw after hanging out with someone you thought you trusted,” They’ll be quieter. Observe any changes in your kids, such as bedriddenness or lack of appetite. These are all indications that there may be a problem with your child. In this situation, we’re talking about toddlers. They had no way to communicate. They are ignorant of right and wrong.”

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