Exploring the Rich Heritage of Catspring Cemetery in Austin County, Texas

Catspring Cemetery, sometimes called Kollatschny Cemetery, is a peaceful retreat that blends the past and current in the picturesque surroundings of Austin County, Texas. Founded in 1834, this historic sanctuary is more than just a place to bury people; beneath its old oaks lie pioneers from Oldenburg and Westphalia, a testimony to the community of Cat Spring’s German-American heritage.

Situated at 7522 Cat Spring Cemetery Road, the cemetery is a storehouse of memories from the families of Amsler, Kleberg, and Von Roeder, whose names are etched into the everlasting stone.

What is the History of Cat Springs Texas?

In 1856, the Cat Spring Agricultural Group, Texas’s first agricultural group, was founded in this community. In 1878, a post office was opened in Cat Spring. Founded in the 1890s, it served as the location of a station on the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad that connected it to New Ulm to the west and Sealy to the east.

Exploring the Rich Heritage of Catspring Cemetery in Austin County, Texas (1)

Strolling around Catspring Cemetery is like taking a trip back in time, with the peaceful atmosphere echoing the footsteps of the first settlers. The original residents of Cat Spring are buried here, their contributions preserved in the well-cared-for documents and genealogy research made possible by volunteers such as Carolyn Zaskoda.

The community’s strong religious ties are demonstrated by this sacred land next to St. John’s Lutheran Church, the first Protestant church established in the area.

The town’s cemetery serves as both a last resting place for its ancestors and a living reminder of the rich history of the area. Here, veterans of wars dating back to the American Civil War are honored and their national service is commemorated.

The sanctity of the Catspring Cemetery, which is home to unmarked graves and illustrious headstones that provide a window into the lives of individuals who formerly strolled down its walks, is demanded of visitors.


As a historical site today, Catspring Cemetery draws visitors and residents alike who want to feel a part of the town’s history. It is a revered location for individuals hoping to remember the memory of Cat Spring’s founders and heroes because it serves as a sobering reminder of the transient nature of life and the lasting impact of those who came before us.

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