Innovation in Texas Wine Industry: The Story of a Black Couple’s Vineyard

In Texas, Michelle Lyn, an emergency room doctor, and Kurt Lyn, an attorney, found themselves drawn into the world of winemaking. The Lyns’ journey began in 2014 when they purchased a ranch in Washington County.

Originally intending to raise cattle, Kurt’s frequent drives to Austin sparked admiration for the scenic beauty, ultimately leading them to plant a small vineyard.

The Story of a Black Couple’s Vineyard

Chapelton Vineyards, the result of their venture, opened its gates to the public last year. Named after Kurt’s favorite town in Jamaica, Chapelton Vineyards has become a haven for wine enthusiasts.

This Black-owned vineyard offers a diverse selection sourced not only from their grapes but also from California, Washington State, the Texas High Plains, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Innovation in Texas Wine Industry The Story of a Black Couple's Vineyard (1)

“The original idea when we first built the place was that we actually would not open it to the public; we were gonna keep the gate closed,” Lyn said. “When we first opened it, we left the gate open one day, and people drove in. We were like, ‘Maybe this is not such a bad idea.”

What is the Vision of Chapelton Vineyards?

The vision for Chapelton Vineyards was born out of the Lyns’ love for the countryside. After falling in love with the relaxing experience, rolling hills, and enchanting sunsets of Washington, Texas, they decided to share their newfound paradise.

The foundation for Chapelton Vineyards was laid in 2018 when they acquired more property, leading to the planting of the vineyard in 2019 & 2020.

“Part of the reason why we thought this would work is because Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country, and there’s nothing like this within an hour. You have to go to Fredericksburg” Kurt Lyn told Texas Monthly.


Chapelton Vineyards offer a place to savor exceptional wines. Also, it provides an escape to the Texas countryside, inviting visitors to celebrate milestones, relax in luxurious villas, and reconnect with themselves and loved ones. Lyn’s mission with Chapelton Vineyards is to prioritize premium wine. They want to create an environment for patrons to deepen their wine knowledge.

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