Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas, is well-known for its rich cultural legacy and Southern charm, but it also struggles with increased crime rates in certain of its communities. Comprehending these domains is vital to grasping the safety landscape of the city.

Addressing safety concerns in these neighborhoods continues to be a top priority as Little Rock develops. For all city residents to have a safer and more secure future, cooperation between the community, law enforcement, and municipal government is crucial.

Methodology: How to determine the Most Dangerous Little Rock Neighborhoods

We would simply need to determine what kinds of things people prefer to live to determine how horrible a place is to live in. From there, we could determine which places have the fewest of those things. The following parameters were entered into Saturday Night Science to determine which Little Rock neighborhoods were the worst:

  • High crime (estimated)
  • High jobless rate (fewer jobs)
  • Low median earnings (Payless)
  • Low population density (lack of activities)
  • Low property values—no one would pay to live here—
    Next, we ordered Little Rock, Arkansas neighborhoods according to each of these factors, going from worst to best.

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The individual rankings for each category were then summed to create a “Worst Score. The least safe neighborhood in Little Rock is the one with the lowest “Worst Score.”

5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Little Rock (1)

The article is intended to be an infotainment and is an opinion based on facts. This page has been updated for 2023. We have ranked the worst Little Rock neighborhoods to live in this research.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Little Rock

In this article, we examine the five Little Rock neighborhoods that have seen an increase in crime and are therefore thought to be among the most dangerous:

1. Park Boyle

Boyle Park, which is located in southwest Little Rock, has seen an increase in crime, especially when it comes to violent and property crimes. Residents’ quality of life is negatively impacted by ongoing safety concerns in this neighborhood, despite community efforts and targeted measures.

2. Initial

Baseline, a neighborhood in Little Rock’s southern region, deals with issues of crime, such as violent crimes and violations involving property. Although local officials work with community organizations to address these concerns, crime rates in this neighborhood continue to be a concern.

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3. In the City Center

Although the city’s vibrant center is Downtown Little Rock, some regions of the city have seen higher rates of crime than others. There have been reports of theft, vandalism, and sporadic violent situations. Law enforcement and community partners continue to work together to implement cooperative measures aimed at improving safety and security in these areas.

4. Barrow, John

5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Little Rock (2)

The West Little Rock community of John Barrow faces challenges with property crimes and sporadic violent events. The crime rate in this area has presented problems to community safety, despite the combined efforts of law enforcement and community-driven initiatives.

5. University Park

University Park, which is located close to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, has experienced problems related to several crimes, such as property crimes and occasionally violent occurrences. Despite efforts by law enforcement and the community to address safety concerns, crime rates are still higher in this area.


Even if some neighborhoods have a reputation for having higher crime rates, it’s important to remember that many of the locals and organizations are actively trying to make their communities safer. These communities work to reduce safety problems and promote good changes for their inhabitants through focused initiatives, aggressive law enforcement tactics, and partnerships with the community.

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