Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore

Baltimore, a city rich in culture and history, struggles with certain neighborhoods having higher rates of crime. We must bring attention to places where crime numbers have been concerning as we move through the urban landscape.

Recognizing these issues and collaborating to find solutions is still essential as Baltimore moves forward in building safer neighborhoods. These communities may move closer to a better and more secure future for all people by working together on focused programs, law enforcement activities, and community involvement.

Are There Safe Neighborhoods in Baltimore?

Roland Park is the safest neighborhood in Baltimore. The population of this quiet residential area is 16,076. One of the country’s first planned suburbs was Roland Park. Even though Roland Park is regarded as a peaceful neighborhood, there are plenty of dining and shopping alternatives there.

Is Baltimore a Cheap Place to Live?

A Reasonable Standard of Living, Baltimore has a reasonably low cost of living when compared to other major East Coast cities. Compared to cities like Boston and New York, it is an appealing option even though it is 7% higher than the national average.

What Part of Baltimore Should I live in?

Mount Vernon

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore (1)

This neighborhood is great for both cheap living and entertaining things to do in Baltimore because of its classic rowhouses, great walkability, easy commutes to Downtown Baltimore, and plenty of museums, theaters, and art galleries!

Top 5 Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore

These are the five Baltimore neighborhoods that, regrettably, have seen an increase in crime, giving them a reputation as some of the most dangerous:

1. The Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill, a neighborhood in South Baltimore, has a reputation for having higher crime rates, particularly for violent crimes and offenses involving property. The quality of life for locals is negatively impacted by safety concerns that continue to exist in this area despite community efforts and initiatives.

2. The Heights of Druid

Northwest of Baltimore’s downtown, Druid Heights has had several criminal issues, mostly those involving drugs and property crimes. Crime rates continue to be an issue despite continuous efforts by community organizations and local government.

3. East Greenmount

Greenmount East, an East Baltimore neighborhood, has struggled with violent crimes and property-related charges. Despite efforts to address these problems through community involvement, crime rates in this neighborhood have remained higher than in other parts of the city.

4. Madison-Eastend

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore (2)

Madison-Eastend, a neighborhood in East Baltimore close to the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, has seen an increase in crime, especially violent and property-related offenses. Law enforcement and community-based organizations work to lessen these difficulties.

5. The Monument Street District

East Baltimore’s Monument Street Area has a reputation for being one of the city’s most hazardous areas because of problems with violent crimes and property offenses. Even with coordinated attempts to address these issues, there is still a crime in this area.


It’s crucial to remember that despite the higher crime statistics in certain communities, many locals and community organizations actively strive to make the areas safer. To address these problems and promote constructive change, many projects, partnerships with law enforcement, and community involvement programs have been launched.

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