California Attorney General Issues Warning Against Forced Outing Policies in School Districts

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has issued a legal alert to districts across the state, cautioning them about a potential violation of the state’s constitution. The alert specifically addresses the requirement for school staff to report if a student identifies as transgender.

“There are individuals who show a disregard for legal obligations,” he stated. “Our primary objective is to safeguard the rights of our children, including their constitutional, statutory, and civil rights.”

Bonta argued that the policy has the potential to endanger children, particularly those who reside in households where their families would refuse to accept them.

CBS News Says “According to the data, approximately 15% of transgender and gender non-conforming young individuals face the unfortunate reality of being expelled from their homes,” he stated. “An additional 10% experience physical harm from individuals within their immediate family.”

In the past year, school board meetings have become the focal point of the ongoing culture wars, resulting in widespread chaos. Sonja Shaw, the President of the Chino Valley School Board, is a strong advocate for the policy. Bonta has filed a lawsuit against her. According to her, parents should be informed if their child expresses a desire to change their gender or pronouns.

California Attorney General Issues Warning Against Forced Outing Policies in School Districts

“It appears evident that Bonta is displaying his own insecurities,” she remarked. “He has a strong fixation on power. He is demonstrating a strong desire to take on the role of a parent for our children, while neglecting his primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of California. What measures is he taking to ensure the safety of students on campus while restricting access for parents? This statement is completely illogical. According to Chino Valley Attorney Jacob Hiebert, Bonta is making assumptions about parents, suggesting that they are all abusers.

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“The attorney general’s actions have been criticized for assuming that all parents are abusers,” he stated. “It is imperative that we withhold this information from everyone, which raises questions about its logic.” Kristi Hirst, a parent and former teacher from Chino Valley, is actively supporting LGBTQ students through her involvement with Our Schools USA.

“According to her, the policy is causing significant harm to students and families,” she stated. “There is clear evidence of it.” We are partnered with the Rainbow Youth Project … A crisis hotline covering the entire state of California has been causing concern as its introduction appears to be exacerbating the crisis among young people.

Shaw remains steadfast in her belief that this is a crucial battle for the rights of parents, and she shows no signs of backing down.

“The political cartel has revealed their intentions, prompting a call to action from one concerned citizen. Emphasizing the importance of upholding constitutional rights and safeguarding our children, she urged unity in our collective efforts,” she said.

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