Beauty Queen Accused in Ex-NFL Husband’s Bahamas Murder Plot Granted Holiday Return Home

Lindsay Shiver received an early Christmas present from a court that allowed her to travel from the Bahamas to spend the holidays with her family in Alabama. Despite being free on bond, Shiver was not permitted to leave the Bahamas, where it was said that she had plotted to hire a hitman to kill her husband, Robert Shiver, amid a tense divorce.

Despite Robert’s insistence during the hearing that he is “thankful to be alive” following the alleged murder plot, the Bahamian judge decided on Thursday that the former beauty queen might return to the United States under certain conditions.

According to Court TV, Lindsay’s attorney contended that his client is a “single housewife with no source of income” who subsists on money her parents have hidden away. Lindsay’s request to leave the Bahamas was granted by the presiding judge, but she is prohibited from traveling to Georgia, where Robert now resides in the home that they once shared, and she must wear her ankle monitor at all times.

Beauty Queen Accused in Ex-NFL Husband's Bahamas Murder Plot Granted Holiday Return Home (1)

She cannot get in touch with Robert; the only exceptions are when she needs to appear in custody and divorce proceedings. It has been reported that she intends to remain in Alabama with her family.

In a statement, Lindsay’s attorney, Owen Wells, told Court TV, “Lindsay is thankful the court has agreed to let her return to the U.S. so she can see her children.” “Her attorneys will continue to prepare for trial and we look forward to vigorously defending Lindsay because she is innocent.”

In July, she, Terrance Bethel, her lover, and Faron Newbold Jr., the suspected hitman, were taken into custody in the Bahamas. For all counts, they entered a not-guilty plea. The trial for Lindsay is expected to begin in March.

The purported murder-for-hire scheme was the culmination of months of mudslinging following the breakdown of Robert and Lindsay’s seemingly flawless 13-year marriage. In their divorce papers, the 2005 Miss Houston County and the former Auburn football player, who briefly entered the professional ranks, leveled harsh charges at one another.

Lindsay responded to Robert’s claims that she was having an affair by accusing him of “physical and mental cruel treatment,” which included domestic abuse. Both of them want sole possession of their $2.5 million Georgia house as well as primary care of their children.

Beauty Queen Accused in Ex-NFL Husband's Bahamas Murder Plot Granted Holiday Return Home (2)

In a previously recorded bodycam video from Fox News Digital, Lindsay dialed 911 on July 16 in response to Robert’s denial of her request to board their private plane to see her partner in the Bahamas.

She is accused of writing “Kill him” in a WhatsApp message to Newbold that same day. She was detained in the Bahamas five days later for plotting Robert’s murder alongside Bethel and Newbold Jr.

Robert appeared in court via Zoom on Thursday and told the judge he was “thankful to be alive,” according to Court TV. “After reading the indictment, I realized that this was almost certain to happen. I’m worried about my safety,” he remarked.

Robert objected, but the judge decided in favor of Lindsay, allowing the 36-year-old to travel outside of the Bahamas for the first time since her imprisonment in July.

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