Army Veteran Fatally Struck by 8 Vehicles After Celebrating 26th Birthday: Tragic Incident Unfolds

On his 26th birthday, a U.S. Army veteran tragically passed away earlier this month after being struck by multiple cars.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. on December 17, John Dyer, also known as Jack, lost control of his motorbike and tumbled off the vehicle while traveling on U.S. Highway 27. He fell in the center southbound travel lane, according to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and Fox News Digital.

Eight automobiles then struck Dyer. The FHP reported that none of the drivers spotted him. The 26-year-old was declared deceased on the spot. Speaking to FOX 35, Jack’s father, John, described the experience as “a nightmare”.

“It’s a nightmare, it’s horrendous, it’s just crushing,” John stated. “Most likely, the first automobile killed him. Though I doubt he was in pain, how did all those cars just keep running him over?”

“He is a human being, not a deer in the road,” the distraught father continued.

Dyer said to FOX 35 that he and his spouse texted him to wish him a happy birthday, but they received no response. There was also a voicemail from Jack’s mother.

Army Veteran Fatally Struck by 8 Vehicles After Celebrating 26th Birthday Tragic Incident Unfolds (1)

“Two cops […] came to my door and asked for the family of John Dyer,” John recounted. “I assumed he got a ticket or something and then they told me he died in a motorcycle accident.”

“It’s devastating, I didn’t know how to tell my wife,” he went on.

Although Jack had a phobia of heights at first, his father reported that Jack served as a paratrooper. After being adopted by his family, he was born in Russia and resided in New York before relocating to Florida.

“It’s amazing how he overcomes his fears,” his father remarked. After overcoming his fear of the ocean, he took to surfing and was a regular at Montauk, Long Island. He had a vibrant existence.”

“When our lives are complete, God doesn’t tell us. John said, “You can live a full life at the age of one month or the age of 99. “Jack’s time was chosen by God. Certainly, he didn’t ask me.”

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